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My thoughts on building with the SZD S590 Mid ATX PC Case

My thoughts on the SZD S590 PC Case: from its clear view design to efficient cooling and cable management ideal for gamers.

Paul Norvig


January 28, 2024


I recently purchased the SZD S590 gaming PC case, and it has significantly improved both the appearance and functionality of my setup. With its transparent glass panels and adaptable design, this case piqued my interest. After using it for a few weeks, I’ve identified some notable features and quirks that could be helpful to those considering this case.


Property Value Property Value
Brand SZD Case Type Mid Tower
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming Color White
Material Tempered Glass Cooling Method Water, Air
Hard Disk Form Factor 3.5 Inches


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Szd s590 white atx gaming case inside Szd s590 white atx gaming case full build Szd s590 white atx gaming case fans Szd s590 white atx gaming case outside


Aesthetic Showcase and Visibility

Szd s590 white atx gaming case full build

The clear view of SZD S590’s glass panels attracted me. I appreciate the transparent sides, which showcase internal components well. They are ideal for displaying RGB lighting and neat cable management. However, glass is a fingerprint magnet, necessitating frequent cleaning. Moreover, despite tempered glass’ sturdiness, concerns about potential damage during shipping or handling remain valid based on some experiences.

Here’s my explanation of the visibility settings:


  • Clear sight of internal parts.

  • Enhances RGB lighting effects

  • Contributes to a high-end look


  • Glass panels are prone to fingerprints

  • Potential issues with items breaking during transportation. Some users have reported this problem.

Although I’ve had experiences with buyers receiving damaged items, my purchase arrived perfectly fine. The tempered glass and matte white finish created a contemporary look that appealed to me. The color and material matched well with any build, particularly if one values the aesthetic aspect of their PC.

Having a case that supports both air and water cooling method is convenient – it enables you to change cooling techniques without requiring a new enclosure. The flexibility of accommodating different hard disk form factors, such as the 3.5-inch hard disk form factor, is reassuring for potential upgrades or expansions.

The S590 monitor boasts a visually striking design with its tempered glass exterior and a white color scheme that perfectly complements most peripherals. Potential buyers should be mindful of the fragility of this glass component, as I’ve learned from other reviews, and handle it with care. Overall, I am content with my purchase due to the attractive appearance and impressive display capabilities of this white-colored monitor.

Versatility and Compatibility

Szd s590 white atx gaming case inside

The SZD S590 has made a considerable impression on my gaming setup, not just for its aesthetics, which is covered elsewhere, but for its versatility and compatibility with different PC components. From the get-go, the case’s support for various motherboard sizes, from ATX to Mini-ITX, offers flexibility for future upgrades or changes. This is a substantial advantage for someone like me who might consider switching components without wanting to purchase a new case every time.

In terms of expanding its capacity, the SZD S590 is impressive:

  • Motherboard Support: ATX/Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX

  • GPU Length: Up to 410mm

  • CPU Cooler Height: Up to 165mm

  • PSU Length: Up to 240mm

The ability to house GPUs up to 410mm ensures compatibility with most of the high-end cards on the market. This was particularly appealing to me because it means not having to worry if my next GPU upgrade will fit inside the case. Additionally, there’s enough headroom for a CPU cooler up to 165mm, which is more than sufficient for most air coolers or all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling solutions.

Another selling point for me was the case’s dual-chamber design. This feature separates cables, storage, and power supply unit, keeping the setup clean. The design also enhances airflow, which is essential with the rising power and heat generation of new components. The case supports multiple fans and radiators up to 360mm, ensuring efficient cooling under heavy loads. However, utilizing all the cooling options may be unnecessary for an average user, leading to increased build costs.

However, I was disappointed with my first delivery of the SZD S590. It arrived damaged and dented, which was frustrating after a long day at work. Fortunately, customer service responded quickly, and I received a replacement. If this replacement arrives undamaged, my opinion of this case will improve greatly due to its potential and the low price I paid – $90 on sale.

From a practical standpoint, the tempered glass panels enhance the case’s appearance, providing a high-end look for an affordable price. However, this feature increases the risk of damage during shipping. I experienced this issue upon receiving my case.

Overall, the SZD S590 case is a strong contender for a high-performance, visually appealing setup due to its extensive hardware compatibility and careful design. Despite potential delivery issues, this case offers numerous advantages.

Innovative Cooling and Design

Szd s590 white atx gaming case fans

The SZD S590 Gaming PC Case brings a refreshing approach to system cooling and design, which is a crucial aspect for high-performance gaming setups. From my experience, this case has its noticeable strengths and few shortcomings worth mentioning.

Strengths of the SZD S590 Case:

  • Large spaces for radiators and multiple fans exist in this area.

  • Efficient separation of heat-generating components

  • Innovative dual-chamber design for improved airflow


  • Potential for damage during shipping

  • Limited color options

One of the major draws of the S590 is its enormous cooling capacity. It supports radiators up to 360mm on the top and side panels which is more than what many competitors offer. For my custom build, I was able to install a 240mm AIO cooler for the CPU and an additional 360mm radiator for the GPU, which is impressive. The case enables this setup without creating a cramped space, a crucial point for sustaining hardware life and stability under load.

The dual-chamber design is an effective solution for improving cooling efficiency. By dividing the power supply and storage from the primary heat-generating components, thermal interference is minimized, and airflow is enhanced. This can decrease the need for extra cooling.

However, there have been concerns about the delivery of the case. The tempered glass can get shattered or dented during shipping, which I sadly experienced. This is disappointing, especially when you’re excited to start a project. Fortunately, the customer service was responsive and promptly sent a replacement. To avoid such issues, potential buyers should check with vendors about their packaging and handling processes.

During my build, I found the white color of the case to be a double-edged sword. While it’s clean and looks good with RGB components, scratches and dust are more visible compared to darker hues. Also, for those who prefer a more personalized setup, the color options are limited.

In summary, the S590 offers impressive cooling capabilities and caters to hardware enthusiasts. Although there’s a risk of damage during delivery, its high-quality construction and affordable price point around $90 make it an attractive option for gamers. If you prioritize advanced cooling and a neat setup for an engaging gaming experience, the S590 is worth considering.

Efficient Cable Management

Szd s590 white atx gaming case outside

The SZD S590 gaming case is renowned for its large space behind the motherboard tray, which is essential for effective cable management. This ample area simplifies the assembly process by allowing for effortless concealment of cables, resulting in an appealing and efficient PC setup. With this generous space, cables become largely hidden, enhancing both the aesthetic value and operational efficiency of the system upon completion.

Here are some observations from my experience:

Positive Aspects:

  • The SZD S590’s dual-chamber design enables effective cable management by separating power supply and cables from the main compartment. This enhancement promotes better airflow and prevents overheating concerns.

  • Cables can be securely fastened using various anchor points and cut-outs for zip-ties or Velcro straps. These anchor points provide additional stability and ensure that cables remain in place even during vibration or movement.

  • The magnetic strip dust filters effectively prevent dirt buildup in the case and can be effortlessly removed for cleaning.

Areas for Improvement:

  • The spacious area may be confusing for beginners when determining cable routing.

  • Cable management can be tight if you’re using non-modular power supplies with lots of excess cables.

The SZD S590 boasts impressive cable management for its price, allowing me to neatly route cables along the back of the device and maintain a clean look. The thoughtfully designed layout facilitates this, ensuring that all cables remain hidden from view. Magnetic dust filters further enhance the clean look by simplifying maintenance without requiring any design disruptions.

From a reliability perspective, it’s worrying to learn about packages arriving damaged or dented. However, my own experience was positive. The item I received was undamaged. This suggests that the packaging may not be consistent across shipments. Potential buyers should check their deliveries upon arrival.

The SZD S590 is an alluring option for budget-conscious gamers constructing a PC, thanks to its smart design and affordable price point. This case boasts impressive features, including superior cable management and cooling systems that enable practical use. With its thoughtfully designed interior, I’ve spent less time dealing with cables and more time immersed in my gaming experience. In essence, this smartly designed investment is a valuable addition to any gaming setup, offering excellent value for money. While isolated quality control issues during shipping have been reported, I remain optimistic that these instances do not represent the standard experience for most users. Overall, the S590 has the potential to be an exceptional build and a worthwhile, smartly designed upgrade to your gaming setup.