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My use of the Thermaltake View 31 RGB ATX Mid Tower Case (2024)

My thoughts on using the Thermaltake View 31 RGB case: design, functionality, build process, and overall critique.

Paul Norvig


January 20, 2024


I recently had the chance to build a new desktop with the Thermaltake View 31 TG ARGB PC case. This case combines functionality with style and has a range of features that caught my attention. Throughout my time with it, certain aspects stood out, both good and not so good - I’ll run through them in this article.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Thermaltake Motherboard Compatability ATX
Case Type Mid Tower Recommended Uses For Product Business
Color Black Material Tempered Glass
Power Supply Mounting Type Mid Tower Cooling Method Water, Air
Item Weight 21.75 Pounds Product Dimensions 23.5”D x 21.8”W x 11.8”H


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Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case internal Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case back Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case front Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case full build Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case internals


Design and Aesthetics

Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case full build

The Thermaltake View 31 TG ARGB case showcases a sleek, black exterior and clean lines. Its stunning glass design*, featuring tempered glass side panels, adds modern charm with their richness and dual-pane design. This glass design not only enhances visual appeal but also boosts sturdiness. The subtle branding and minimalist appearance** strike a perfect balance.

This case boasts several design highlights that make it an exceptional choice for users. Among these design highlights are:

  • Two 4mm tempered glass side panels provide clear views into the case.

  • RGB fans are included in this product for effective cooling and customizable color options.

  • The black color scheme is subtle and compatible with multiple component color schemes, allowing flexibility in combining it with other hardware.

However, the RGB fans bring bright colors but restrict customization due to the manual controller’s limitations. The glass panels are visually appealing but reflective surfaces can cause glare and require careful placement.

One of my concerns is the tinting of the front glass on the case. It preserves the modern design, but it may hinder the visibility of RGB fans based on lighting circumstances. However, this can also be considered a benefit; the darkened tint conceals imperfect cable management and significantly contributes to the overall attractive appearance of the case for me.

In summary, here’s a quick rundown: Pros:

  • High-quality materials with strong glass panels.

  • 256-color selection for RGB fans enhances the overall look.

  • This component works with numerous motherboards, accommodating different build sizes.

  • The vertical GPU bracket enhances the monitor’s appearance by securely holding the GPU vertically.


  • A manual RGB controller restricts customization possibilities.

  • A large case may not be ideal for individuals prioritizing portability.

  • Some people find front glass tinting too dark, which can impede fan visibility.

From a personal standpoint, the Thermaltake View 31 TG ARGB suits my preference for cases that showcase components while maintaining a subtle appearance. Its design and aesthetics enhance both functionality and visual appeal. Despite certain drawbacks, this case’s strengths are notable.

Functionality and Cooling Options

Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case internal

When assessing a PC case, such as the Thermaltake View 31 RGB mid-tower chassis, cooling efficiency and functionality are essential. This chassis provides a range of cooling options and features, making it adaptable for various PC builds.

  • Air Cooling: The case comes with three preinstalled 140mm Ring RGB LED fans for sufficient initial airflow. It can fit three 120mm fans at the front, three 120mm or 140mm fans at the top, and one 120mm or 140mm fan at the rear and bottom each. This allows for a flexible cooling strategy, ensuring that the hottest components receive adequate cooling.

  • The View 31 RGB offers impressive Liquid Cooling capabilities. It can accommodate radiators of up to 360mm in size at the front or top, and 140mm at the rear and bottom. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals aiming to build extensive liquid-cooling systems.

  • Clearance: The case provides enough space for high-profile CPU coolers and extended VGA lengths, which is crucial when building a high-end system. There’s an ample 180mm CPU cooler height limitation, which should accommodate most aftermarket coolers.

However, the PCIe riser cable isn’t included for the GPU support bracket, which is disappointing since Thermaltake advertises this feature. The RGB fans are visually appealing but not very bright, potentially disappointing those looking for vibrant LEDs.

The capacity for mounting GPUs vertically improves airflow around the card, addressing potential concerns in densely packed cases. However, a separate purchase of a riser cable is necessary, adding cost and complexity to the building process.

The case supports a range of motherboard sizes from Mini ITX to E-ATX, beneficial for users planning upgrades or different builds. Tempered glass panels enhance thermal stability, without holes in their construction minimizing potential damage.

In my experience, the Thermaltake View 31 RGB case offers valuable features and flexible cooling options that make up for small inconveniences. This makes it a great choice for those who want a visually appealing PC build with both air-cooling and water-cooling capabilities. For me, being able to switch between these cooling systems without changing the case is a notable advantage. Additionally, managing cables and cleaning the dust filters with magnets are added benefits of this well-designed Thermaltake product.

Installation and Build Experience

Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case back

From the beginning to end, constructing in the Thermaltake View 31 RGB Case was a straightforward experience. As an experienced PC builder, the spaciousness of the chassis was immediately noticeable, making component placement easier. Here’s my assessment:

  • Spacious Design: Fits ATX motherboards and powerful GPUs with adequate room for proper air circulation.

  • Removable 3.5-inch drive trays offer flexibility in Drive Bay Design. These trays can be easily removed when not in use, saving space for those who prioritize solid-state storage.

  • Routing cables was easy with about 2 inches of space behind the motherboard tray, resulting in a neat build.

However, it presented some difficulties:

  • When using a top-mounted AIO liquid cooler in a case, fan and radiator placement can be challenging due to limitations imposed by the case layout. I had to place the cooler at the top with tubes towards the back because of the restricted tube length.

  • The manual fan controller was less satisfactory than expected. Its lack of software integration with other Thermaltake RGB products hindered potential synchronization and control possibilities.

  • Tinted glass on cable management side: Effective cable organization is essential for a visually appealing appearance.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the assembly process. The use of SPCC material and 4mm tempered glass panels imparted a robust and durable sensation during construction. Notably, the strategically placed screw locations behind the glass panels simplified access, eliminating bothersome smudges during installation. This considerate design feature underscores Thermaltake’s dedication to builder convenience.

The case’s exceptional modularity is noteworthy. This design feature allows for the customization or elimination of specific components, such as drive trays, making the case a versatile choice for various build configurations. With modularity at its core, this flexibility suits not only storage-focused builds but also those prioritizing airflow and minimalism.

The preinstalled 140mm Ring RGB LED fans come included, adding colors to the build without additional work. Note that the RGB controller is manual, which may limit those who frequently change light settings.

The View 31 is an ideal choice for PC builders seeking flexibility and longevity in their upgrades. With its expansive 8+2 expansion slots, this system supports adaptable cooling systems and suggests extended use in a build. Frequent rig updaters will find the View 31’s versatile slot configuration most relevant and convenient.

In conclusion, the Thermaltake View 31 RGB Mid Tower provides a good balance between form and function for PC builders. Its practical features do not compromise its aesthetic appeal. Despite some drawbacks, it offers a satisfying build experience overall.

Overall Satisfaction and Critique

Thermaltake view 31 rgb mid tower case front

After thoroughly examining the Thermaltake View 31 RGB Case, I have formed a clear assessment. Here’s my summary:

  • Roomy Chassis: A spacious chassis facilitates component installation and effective cable management. This is beneficial when dealing with large GPUs and multiple storage options.

  • The case boasts pre-installed fans as a standard feature, enhancing Cooling Efficiency right out of the box. Yet, it provides flexibility for advanced cooling setups, accommodating additional fans and radiators, ultimately maximizing Cooling Efficiency for those prioritizing top performance.

  • Build Quality: The sturdiness of the construction gives a sense of longevity and protection for the internal components, while the tempered glass panels add a touch of class.

  • Aesthetics: The RGB fans, albeit not as customizable as I’d hoped, still add an impressive visual flair to the build.

While there were advantages, I faced some disadvantages as well.

  • The RGB fans and controller come with the package, but their manual operation can be restrictive. It would enhance the lighting setup if these components could connect with other system parts for coordinated control.

  • Thermaltake products may have complex software requirements and compatibility issues. These needs can require administrative privileges or extra internal USB ports.

  • liquid cooling configurations may have limitations due to short tube lengths, necessitating particular layouts.

Despite these limitations, I had a positive experience with the View 31 RGB Case. Its spacious design allows for custom builds and supports multiple cooling options, making it ideal for powerful systems. The focus on tempered glass and RGB lighting aligns with current trends, adding to its visual appeal. However, buyers should be aware that they may need to purchase additional components like longer riser cables or extra fans to maximize the case’s capabilities.

In conclusion, the Thermaltake View 31 RGB Case is an excellent choice for PC builders. It offers ample space and good airflow, which are essential features for both beginners and experts. However, some parts require extra investment and thought. Overall, this case presents a strong option for a customizable, feature-rich PC build.