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Trying out the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X ATX Case Digital RGB Black (2024)

My thoughts on the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X’s design, airflow, cable management, and dual-PC capabilities.

John Norvig


January 30, 2024


I recently acquired the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X Glass Full Tower case. As a PC builder, I value both design and functionality. This case showcases impressive specifications, indicating that the manufacturers prioritized aesthetics while ensuring versatility for various builds.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Phanteks Motherboard Compatability ATX
Case Type Full Tower Recommended Uses For Product Business, Gaming, Personal
Color Black Material Tempered Glass
Cooling Method Air Model Name Evolv X
Fan Size 120 Millimeters Item Weight 34 Pounds


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Phanteks enthoo evolv x atx case full view Phanteks enthoo evolv x atx case fans Phanteks enthoo evolv x atx case internals Phanteks enthoo evolv x atx case in the dark


Design and Build Quality

Phanteks enthoo evolv x atx case full view

When evaluating the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X Glass Full Tower case, I focus on its design and build quality. The robust construction is notable, as this isn’t a feeble piece of hardware. The aluminum exterior, sandblasted for a premium finish, is both functional and visually attractive. tempered glass side panels add sophistication to the case, revealing the interior components and lighting setups for display.

However, adding weight is a drawback when using glass panels for computer cases. This is problematic for people who frequently move their systems. In contrast, for stationary setups, this is not an issue.

Here’s a description of what caught my attention during the design and construction process:

  • 3mm sandblasted aluminum and tempered glass: These premium materials enhance the case’s appearance while increasing its durability.

  • Finish and color: The satin black color scheme is sleek, and the finish does an excellent job at hiding fingerprints, which can often be a nuisance.

  • Versatile aesthetics: The integrated digital RGB illumination is tastefully executed and adds a modern touch without being overbearing.

  • Weight consideration: At 34 pounds, the case is on the heavier side, which speaks to its build quality but makes it less portable.

The dual-hinged doors showcase Phanteks’ focus on detail. Securing them with thumbscrews adds stability during case transportation. However, handling the doors can be challenging due to their swinging mechanism, which may seem inconvenient for frequent access to components.

One drawback is the possible rattling from the front panel. This isn’t a major problem, but it may bother those who are sensitive to noise. I took steps to lessen this issue myself. However, future versions should aim to eliminate this concern altogether.

Despite minor issues, the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X demonstrates a focus on durability in its design. The exterior is clean and eye-catching without sacrificing functionality. This high-end case effectively conveys a sense of longevity for computer components.

Cooling and Airflow Management

Phanteks enthoo evolv x atx case fans

In terms of cooling and airflow, the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X is a great choice for me as an enthusiast. Its significantly improved airflow design is essential for maintaining component health and performance, particularly when using high-performance hardware that generates significant heat.

Here’s how the airflow and cooling performance is assessed in this case:

  • Front I/O support complements the case’s ventilation; USB ports don’t inhibit air intake.

  • mesh elements facilitate adequate airflow while maintaining an attractive appearance.

  • Liquid Cooling Support is robust, allowing up to a 420 radiator which is a boon for those opting for custom water loops or high-end AIO coolers.

  • The convenient radiator bracket simplifies large installation projects with its integrated fill & drain port. This feature streamlines liquid cooling setup maintenance for optimal efficiency.

  • The Evolv X offers various fan sizes for air cooling, such as 120mm and 140mm, granting flexibility in cooling options.

While the case is suitable for advanced cooling systems, there are some important factors to bear in mind:

  • The top of the case lacks a dust filter, which could be an oversight for those planning on using the top for intake fans.

  • No SSD brackets are included in the package for your build. Remember to account for this when planning your project.

Despite these points, I’ve been impressed with the thermal management of the Evolv X. My build includes a mix of airflow-optimized fans and AIO coolers, and temperatures have consistently stayed within an optimal range. Builders should note that achieving great cooling performance might necessitate investing in additional quality fans or cooling accessories, adding to the overall cost but greatly enhancing the experience.

An important aspect to note is that the cooling effectiveness relies heavily on the cases’ clean interior design. This arrangement not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also enhances airflow within the chassis. The vertical GPU mount may influence airflow slightly, depending on individual configurations. However, sufficient space around components generally offsets this impact.

Overall, the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X case provides a strong base for both air and liquid cooling setups, focusing on visual appeal. It has great potential for effective cooling, but it requires dedication to optimize. Despite minor inconveniences, the cooling versatility justifies the investment in my opinion.

Cable Management and Storage

Phanteks enthoo evolv x atx case internals

When considering the cable management and storage aspects of the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X case, there are several key points worth discussing:

  • Innovative cable management solutions (cable door covers** and ample tie-down points)**

  • Large storage capacity for use with multiple HDDs and SSDs

  • Potential challenges with cable management doors and SSD mount placements

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X case improves cable management with its Cable Management 2.0 system. The included door covers hide cables and create a neat interior. I value the organized look and find this system easy to use. However, unclipping the door covers can be challenging. While not a major issue, be aware of this during building and upgrades.

As for storage, the case accommodates a massive amount of drives—up to 10 HDDs and 9 SSDs concurrently. This is a standout feature for users like me who need extensive data storage for work or have a large game library. I also found the 3.5-inch hard drive sleds to be robust and user-friendly, as they clip together neatly, making drive installation a breeze.

Despite the advantages, I’ve faced some issues with the SSD mounts. Their positioning can cause cables to bend or strain when closing the panels, increasing the risk of damage or disconnections. This design necessitates added care when managing cables, resulting in a minor inconvenience.

Another small point of criticism relates to the potential for mixing SSD and HDD placement within the space. Although I’ve not personally run into any significant issues, I’ve heard that others have found this mixing can make for a cramped or less visually appealing setup if not done with precision.

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X delivers an excellent summary experience, showcasing impressive cable management and ample storage space. A few minor issues do not diminish the overall positive and excellent experience. I would wholeheartedly suggest this case to those who value a neat system with potential for excellent expansion in capacity.

Dual-system Compatibility and Aesthetics

Phanteks enthoo evolv x atx case in the dark

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X impresses me due to its appealing design that combines elegance and vibrancy, yet it’s the dual-system compatibility that truly captivated my attention. This feature benefits enthusiasts who require a strong primary system and an additional server or streaming setup within the same space.

Here’s a simpler version:


  • A dual-system setup enables the use of an additional mini-ITX motherboard.

  • This case can accommodate both E-ATX and ITX motherboards, allowing for flexible workstation configurations.

  • Running one machine instead of two can lead to substantial cost and space reductions.

  • Ideal for individuals in streaming, development, or content creation who require distinct systems for various tasks.


  • To upgrade ITX, you’ll need extra funds for the kit and a powerful PSU suitable for two systems.

  • Straightforward users might find complexity unwelcome.

When constructing a PC case, the integrated digital RGB illumination is a notable feature. It provides a subtle glow that improves the case’s appearance without being too intense. The 3mm sandblasted aluminum exterior gives the build a luxurious touch and looks impressive on or under a desk. Additionally, the choice of a vertical GPU mount enables showcasing the graphics card prominently, ideal for display builds. However, it’s crucial to consider airflow when opting for this orientation.

The dual-system feature is beneficial for my computer setup. I value this aspect as I use a powerful workstation for resource-intensive tasks, while a lighter system handles daily tasks. This feature eliminates the need for two separate cases, reducing clutter. However, careful planning is necessary for cable management and cooling since both systems can occupy limited space in one case.

In conclusion, my experience with the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X has been mostly positive due to its dual-system compatibility. While there are added costs and complexity, they are outweighed by the space efficiency and practicality this setup offers. The case’s sleek and durable design, with appropriate RGB, makes it not only functional but also visually pleasing. It is a wise investment for those seeking to consolidate their computing needs into one strong and attractive setup.