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Review: Using the HP Elite Intel i5 Desktop (2024)

My thoughts on using the HP Elite Desktop with an Intel i5: setup, performance, gaming use, and customer support.

Paul Norvig


January 22, 2024


For the office I recently bought a HP Elite Desktop (renewed) - below are my first impressions and ongoing experience with anyone considering a similar purchase. I needed a reliable computer for work and occasional gaming and was looking for something affordable yet capable. It quite fits the bill - even being an refurbished model. More on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Specific Uses For Product Personal Brand HP
Personal computer design type Computer Tower Operating System Windows 10
Memory Storage Capacity 1 TB Screen Size 19 Inches
Ram Memory Installed Size 8 GB Model Name Pro / Elite
Included Components Includes Power Cable, USB Keyboard & Mouse, WiFi Adapter CPU Model Core i5


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Hp elite desktop i5 8gb 1tb renewed back Hp elite desktop i5 8gb 1tb renewed unpacked front view Hp elite desktop i5 8gb 1tb renewed logo and ports Hp elite desktop i5 8gb 1tb renewed in box


Initial Setup Impressions

Hp elite desktop i5 8gb 1tb renewed unpacked front view

Upon receiving my renewed HP Elite Desktop, I was both excited and hesitant. To save cost while ensuring sufficient performance, I chose a refurbished model. Here’s an account of my first impressions and setup process:

  • Packaging and Condition: The desktop and accessories came in secure packaging with minimal signs of previous use. This was appreciated for restoring the items to a nearly new state.

  • Components and Accessories: While the peripherals were not from HP, they were indeed compatible. The 19” LCD monitor and WiFi adapter were pleasant inclusions, despite the USB keyboard and mouse feeling a tad on the cheaper side.

  • Installing an Operating System, specifically Windows 10 Home, was a straightforward process that resulted in a quick setup.

  • My essential connectivity needs were catered to through the implementation of various interfaces, including USB 2.0 ports, DisplayPort, and VGA connections. These versatile options expanded my device compatibility and flexibility.

  • Initial Performance: The machine booted up promptly and operated quietly, a welcome aspect for any home environment.

Despite the advantages, I experienced some drawbacks. The WiFi adapter had inconsistent connectivity, which might be due to router placement and needs further investigation. Furthermore, the monitor’s specifications didn’t match what was advertised, but this wasn’t a significant issue for me.

Another point to note is the lack of a graphics card in this system. While sufficient for lighter games and digital art, it’s important to consider those with demanding graphic requirements as there’s an upgrade slot available.

In the world of used items, a 90-day warranty provides some comfort but doesn’t guarantee perfection. I’ve noticed potential issues, such as faulty USB ports and mismatched monitors, which my product thankfully didn’t have. Prospective buyers should be aware of these problems.

Overall, the HP Elite Desktop setup experience had its ups and downs. I discovered some appealing features but also encountered a few concerns. I’m keeping an attentive eye on this purchase to assess its long-term performance.

Performance and Productivity

Hp elite desktop i5 8gb 1tb renewed back

As someone who manages numerous tasks, a computer’s performance and productivity are crucial. Using the Renewed HP Elite Desktop has provided me with both advantages and disadvantages.

My current computer setup, featuring the Intel Quad Core i5 Processor and its 8 GB RAM, is an essential tool for achieving high levels of productivity in my multitasking workload. With multiple browser tabs and office applications open simultaneously, this powerful duo effectively handles the tasks at hand, significantly enhancing my productivity. The spacious 1 TB Hard Drive offers ample storage capacity for dealing with large files, further contributing to my overall productivity and efficiency. The Intel Quad Core i5 Processor and its 8 GB RAM are key components in my quest for optimal productivity, ensuring smooth performance even under heavy workloads.

Here’s a straightforward account of my findings:


  • Quad-core processor ensures efficient multitasking.

  • Provides ample room for multiple applications and files.

  • Windows 10, which comes pre-installed, is easy to use and reliable.


  • The system may take longer than usual to start up.

  • When using resource-intensive software, there may be occasional delays in response.

  • The standard keyboard and mouse are not ergonomic or advanced.

One potential drawback of the system is its longer-than-desired boot-up time. This issue could be addressed by upgrading from the current hard drive to an SSD. Additionally, there are occasional delays when working intensively on video editing or digital art projects with software like Adobe After Effects. These drawbacks, while not unexpected for complex tasks, may be noteworthy for prospective buyers.

The peripherals do not offer superior quality. The USB keyboard and mouse are fundamental. Users who require advanced features may opt for upgrades.

On the positive side, the machine’s quiet operation is an advantage. It’s less disruptive when I focus on writing or research. The integrated WiFi adapter is convenient, eliminating the need for an extra purchase and setup.

My verdict? The HP Elite Desktop is a good choice for productivity and casual use. It handles most tasks efficiently, although it’s not suitable for heavy gaming or advanced graphic design. Expect to invest in upgrades or peripherals for a customized setup. This desktop offers a cost-effective balance between affordability and functionality for those seeking a respectable performer without overspending.

Gaming and Entertainment Potential

Hp elite desktop i5 8gb 1tb renewed logo and ports

When assessing the HP Elite Desktop’s gaming and entertainment potential, it is crucial to examine its hardware specifications. This powerful workstation boasts the following features that significantly contribute to its exceptional gaming and entertainment capabilities:

  • A CPU, specifically an Intel Quad Core i5 Processor, is well-suited for casual gaming and multitasking activities.

  • Modern games require a dedicated Graphics card for optimal performance. Initially, lacking one is a disadvantage.

  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM is sufficient for basic video editing and gaming.

  • Storage: A 1 TB Hard Drive offers ample space but is slower than an SSD.

  • Accessories: The inclusion of a Wi-Fi adapter and USB peripherals is convenient, though quality may vary.

For lighter games such as Osu, The Sims, and Minecraft, a standard processor and sufficient RAM are essential for achieving a smooth gaming experience. As a creative person who engages in digital art and video editing, this system suits my requirements, offering an efficient performance with programs like Clip Studio Paint. Basic video editing is achievable with this configuration, ensuring a smooth workflow. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that intensive effects in software like Adobe After Effects might challenge the capabilities of this setup and could potentially disrupt the smooth gaming experience.

While the initial absence of a dedicated graphics card is a drawback, the PC’s interior expansion slot provides an upgrade path. Anyone with a bit of tech know-how can easily enhance the unit’s graphics capability, which is precisely what I did. Installing a compatible graphics card significantly improves performance in both games and graphically-intensive applications, breathing new life into the system.

The laptop’s speakers may not deliver the vibrant acoustics desired for an immersive movie experience, but this shortcoming can be addressed by utilizing external speakers. Similarly, while the monitor might not always meet expectations in terms of vibrant colors and sharpness, it remains sufficient for routine use and occasional gaming. The pre-installed Windows 10 operating system with its extensive software compatibility is an additional advantage.

The bundle provides value through Wi-Fi, necessary cables, and basic input devices for easy setup. However, the quality of these accessories varies; I frequently need to buy alternative keyboards and mice to suit my comfort.

That being the case, I encountered issues with some USB ports and had to deal with Wi-Fi problems on occasion. It’s important to mention that not all refurbished models include Wi-Fi capabilities.

The HP Elite desktop emerges as a smart, budget-friendly choice for casual gaming and multimedia usage. By addressing common issues and incompatibilities, it becomes a practical and cost-effective solution for everyday enjoyment and less demanding games. Its initial disadvantages, such as lacking a dedicated graphics card and minor quality concerns, can be addressed through upgrades or workarounds. Therefore, the HP Elite desktop is an intelligent selection for those seeking an affordable yet capable machine for their multimedia needs.

Tech Support and Warranty

Hp elite desktop i5 8gb 1tb renewed in box

In the realm of refurbished electronics, customer support and warranties are essential. During my experience with the Renewed HP Elite Desktop, I discovered the following:

  • Support Availability: I encountered issues, but received prompt assistance from competent representatives.

  • Response Time: Support queries received prompt and effective Response Time, reducing downtime significantly.

However, there were some drawbacks:

  • Limited Support Hours: Tech support was only available during business hours, leading to potential issue delays outside of these hours.

  • Patchy Communication: On rare occasions, communication with support staff was less consistent, which could lead to some frustration.

Besides hands-on assistance, warranties are essential for refurbished technology. A minimum 90-day warranty is included, providing assurance in the purchase. Extending this warranty or buying additional protection, such as the Asurion plan, increases confidence in the product.

The warranty provided peace of mind; it facilitated a hassle-free replacement process when I experienced unexpected hardware failure without incurring additional costs. However, it’s important to note the following:

  • Under the terms of our Warranty Coverage, the main components of the product are protected against manufacturing defects. However, please note that accessories such as mice and keyboards are not included in this protection. This may be a concern for some buyers who rely heavily on these peripherals.

  • Refurbishing Quality: It became noticeable that while the refurbishing process aimed for a like-new status, some items like USB ports and audio jacks occasionally showed signs of wear or didn’t function properly.

In conclusion, while there is a cost-benefit trade-off with renewed products, effective customer support and warranties reduce risk. The quick problem-solving approach is refreshing, but it’s important to have realistic expectations when buying renewed items.

Owning this HP Elite Desktop has been mostly pleasant, but I encountered some issues. However, the reliable support and warranty ensured a smooth resolution. Considering the responsiveness of tech support and the security provided by the warranty, I would recommend buying a refurbished model with confidence.