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Trying out the Lenovo Legion T5 Gaming Desktop: Ryzen 9 and RTX 3060 (2024)

My thoughts on Lenovo Legion T5: excellent performance, but some setup issues and quality control problems.

Paul Norvig


January 10, 2024


I recently bought a Lenovo Legion T5, which has gotten good reviews for its build and performance. Generally it is a great build. As an experienced IT professional, setting up a new desktop is typically a straightforward process for me. But with this one, I did my encounter some issues however.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Lenovo Personal computer design type Computer Tower
Operating System Windows 11 Pro CPU Model Ryzen 9
Special Feature Microphone CPU Manufacturer AMD
Wireless network technology Wi-Fi Total USB Ports 12
CPU Speed 4.5 GHz RAM Memory Technology DDR5


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Lenovo legion t5 gaming desktop cables Lenovo legion t5 gaming desktop inside Lenovo legion t5 gaming desktop back Lenovo legion t5 gaming desktop video card


Initial Setup Frustration

Lenovo legion t5 gaming desktop cables

Upon unpacking this Lenovo Legion T5, my expectations were sky-high considering its robust feature set that promised seamless performance. From its Ryzen 9 CPU and DDR5 RAM technology to the Windows 11 Pro operating system, everything pointed towards a high-end user experience. However, the initial setup process was not entirely smooth due to a few hiccups. Here, I outline some key takeaways:


  • The system is equipped with a powerful Ryzen 9 CPU and DDR5 memory, ensuring robust and swift performance.

  • This system comes with Windows 11 Pro. It’s a contemporary and productive operating system from the start.

  • A total of 12 USB ports are available, providing ample connectivity options.

  • With Wi-Fi capabilities, there’s no need for lengthy network cables, resulting in a tidier setup. Integrating this technology into devices allows for seamless connectivity and easier organization of spaces.


  • Upon starting my device, I encountered issues with a “no media boot error” and a “PXE request.” These problems were disappointing.

  • The BIOS was set to prioritize booting from the incorrect disk, which can be problematic for users unfamiliar with PC configurations.

  • The microphone feature appears less impressive when considering other advanced specifications.

I encountered a problem with my new PC’s faulty initial boot configuration straight off. This issue prevented the machine from starting up. With my IT background, I was able to access the BIOS settings and correct the boot sequence to M2 disk 2. Less experienced users might have returned the machine due to this issue, causing inconvenience for both retailer and customer.

Designed as a tower computer, the system encountered an issue during its initial boot process but quickly bounced back to deliver exceptional performance once the problem was resolved. The hardware, meticulously crafted to optimize speed and capacity, showcases impressive capabilities that make it an elite high-performing tower PC with significant upgradeability potential.

As someone with decades of IT experience, this issue was a minor inconvenience rather than a major problem. However, it raises questions about the quality assurance procedures, particularly for inexperienced users. Simple setup guides or rigorous checks to guarantee correct boot configurations prior to shipping would be beneficial solutions.

Overall, this issue didn’t significantly impact the Legion T5’s performance merits, but it’s a user experience concern that Lenovo and retailers should address. The computer tower design and high-performance hardware naturally set users’ expectations high, making easy setup essential.

Performance Exceeds Expectations

Lenovo legion t5 gaming desktop cables

When I turned on the Lenovo Legion T5 for the first time, its powerful Ryzen 9 CPU left me impressed. With a high CPU speed of 4.5 GHz, this computer handled my demanding tasks efficiently. Here are some key features:

  • Windows 11 Pro: This version of the operating system offers modern features and an enhanced user interface.

  • CPU Model: Ryzen 9 ensures a seamless multitasking experience.

  • RAM Memory Technology: DDR5 is the latest advancement in RAM Memory Technology, offering superior bandwidth for heavy workloads. This investment in DDR5 RAM is a reliable choice for future computer needs.

My usage of the Legion T5 ranged from heavy graphic design tasks to light web browsing. The DDR5 RAM noticeably improved my workflow with quick application launches and minimal lag when switching between programs. Gaming was enjoyable due to high frame rates and intricate details, a testament to the laptop’s powerful integrated components.

The special features that stood out to me were the high-quality microphone and the abundant 12 USB ports. The microphone produced clear sound during conference calls, a feature often overlooked. I was particularly impressed by the ample number of USB ports, which easily accommodated all my peripherals, eliminating connectivity issues. Furthermore, the unit’s Wi-Fi capability provided a reliable and fast internet connection. With 12 USB ports at my disposal, I never had to worry about running out of slots for my devices again.

On the upside, for some users, there is no boot issue with the machine. This is a significant improvement in user experience. However, an incorrect boot priority in BIOS remained an issue for others during the boot-up process. Although this can be resolved, it may still negatively impact those without technical expertise. Despite this flaw, the machine delivers impressive performance.

The Computer’s design keeps a low profile on my desk, allowing for future upgrades. I value this feature as a tech enthusiast who likes to stay updated. Its appearance is simple and professional, which aligns with my work-focused usage.

While it’s unfortunate that issues were found during the quality control process of the Legion T5 PC, its strong performance in daily tasks and demanding computing situations makes up for it. Despite the preventable pre-sale errors, this tower impresses with its premium features.

Quality Control Imperative

Lenovo legion t5 gaming desktop inside

When purchasing a new PC, we often focus on specs and performance benchmarks, trusting that the machine will operate correctly right out of the box. In the case of my new Lenovo Legion T5, the importance of quality control couldn’t be more evident. Despite its robust features like a Ryzen 9 CPU, Windows 11 Pro OS, and lightning-fast DDR5 RAM, the setup hiccup I encountered was a stark reminder that the basics cannot be overlooked.

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons based on my experience:


  • A Ryzen 9 CPU delivers superior performance.

  • Windows 11 Pro offers the most recent features of an operating system.

  • DDR5 RAM signifies improved memory performance and enhanced multitasking capabilities.

  • Twelve USB ports are available for various connection requirements.

    • Require Wi-Fi for wireless connection.
  • The CPU runs at a speed of 4.5 GHz for efficient processing.


  • The BIOS setting caused initial issues.

  • A Microphone as a feature in a desktop computer is unnecessary.

  • Insufficient pre-shipment quality checks may result in returns.

Having worked in IT for almost fifty years, I am confident in handling technical issues. However, I worry about consumers who may not be tech-savvy. The frustration of turning on a new computer only to encounter unresponsiveness is an experience no user should have. It’s essential that a newly purchased PC starts up correctly. A faulty boot process can spoil the anticipation and joy of acquiring advanced technology.

Although Lenovo may be at fault for this issue, it also reflects negatively on the retailer. Consumers expect retailers to ensure products function properly before shipping. Implementing a final check is essential for both product quality and maintaining a positive reputation.

Despite the boot problem, the Lenovo Legion T5 performed well after the fix. The Ryzen 9 and DDR5, coupled with the rich Windows 11 Pro environment, made it enjoyable for both work and play.

In terms of wireless technology, a computer tower with built-in Wi-Fi is convenient as it eliminates the need for cables and allows flexible placement. The presence of multiple USB ports simplifies connections for all peripherals, enhancing user experience.

Overall, the Lenovo Legion T5 earned a good 4.5-star rating for its performance and features. However, I encountered an issue during the setup process that marred my experience. This incident highlights the importance of careful quality control in the manufacturing and retail industries. I hope this feedback reaches the relevant parties and results in improvements to the pre-sale process for a smoother user experience moving forward.

Retailer Responsibility Reflection

Lenovo legion t5 gaming desktop back

Reflecting on my Lenovo Legion T5 purchase, the quality of service from the retailer significantly impacts customer satisfaction. Although the Ryzen 9 CPU and DDR5 RAM harmoniously enhance the PC’s advanced capabilities, a challenge during the initial process underscored the necessity of careful retailer attention.

Here’s a description of my findings:


  • Stellar performance with Windows 11 Pro

  • High-speed CPU at 4.5 GHz

  • This device offers you plenty of USB ports, a total of 12 for your connection needs.


  • Out of the box, incorrect boot settings are a common issue.

  • If you’re not tech-savvy, there could be challenges in getting assistance from customer support.

I want to stress that this machine is powerful for both productivity and enjoyment due to its strong Wi-Fi capabilities and advanced DDR5 RAM memory technology. The built-in microphone caters to users’ multimedia requirements. Yet, failing to guide users through setting up the correct boot disk during setup can transform the initial enthusiasm into disappointment.

As someone who has worked in IT for many years, modifying BIOS settings came naturally to me. However, I’m mindful of the potential consequences for less experienced users. They might encounter issues with their PCs and feel frustrated as a result.

It’s important for retailers to check and configure PCs properly before shipping. Preventing issues is better than dealing with returns. This oversight, possibly unintentional, negatively affects the retailer and could result in unnecessary returns, wasting resources.

In retrospect, the retailer’s error presents an opportunity for improvement. Specifically, enhancing the final quality check to provide customers with fully functional systems would benefit both the retailer and Lenovo. A comprehensive pre-shipment inspection could lead to increased customer loyalty and fewer product returns.

To summarize, the Lenovo Legion T5’s strong performance highlights the importance of retailers checking products before delivery. Retailers play a significant role in enhancing customer experience by ensuring items work properly upon arrival. It’s not just good business practice; it demonstrates respect for customers and a dedication to quality.