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Great e-Ink tablet: the BOOX Note Air 3 C (2024)

My thoughts on the BOOX Note Air 3 C: multitasking features, e-ink color display, smart note-taking abilities, and overall value.

Paul Norvig


January 13, 2024


I recently purchased the BOOX Note Air 3 C, hoping it would meet my needs as an e-reader and note-taking device. I am quite an avid reader and take many notes on a daily basis for work. Below are my thoughts on the device having used it for a couple of weeks.


Property Value Property Value
Brand BOOX Model Name Note Air 3 C
Display Technology Electronic Ink Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Screen Size 10.3 Inches Memory Storage Capacity 64 GB
Battery Life 1 days Color dark gray green
Product Dimensions 8.6”L x 7.4”W x 0.22”Th Item Weight 0.4 Kilograms


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Boox note air 3 e ink tablet cartoons Boox note air 3 e ink tablet screen Boox note air 3 e ink tablet box Boox note air 3 e ink tablet interface Boox note air 3 e ink tablet writing Boox note air 3 e ink tablet front


Versatility and Use Cases

Boox note air 3 e ink tablet front

The BOOX Note Air 3 C presents an interesting dichotomy of versatility and niche functionality, making it a curious case for potential buyers. Here’s my take on its use cases:

  • This device is ideal for individuals who are deeply engaged in extensive reading and note-taking activities. The split-screen feature significantly boosts productivity by allowing users to switch between reading and jotting down notes effortlessly. With the ability to study a textbook on one side while making annotations or taking summaries on the other, this innovative tool ensures a seamless workflow and uninterrupted focus.

  • File Transfers with BOOXDrop: Transfer files easily between devices. As a user working across multiple platforms, this feature saves me significant time and effort.

  • Cloud Syncing: Knowing my notes are safely backed up on the cloud provides peace of mind, but I wish there were native options for accessing notes outside the BOOX ecosystem.

  • Access to Google Play Store: Having this feature allows you to download various apps, providing more functionality than most e-ink devices offer.

  • I value the ability of “Smart Scribble” to transform my disorganized scribbles into neat shapes and organized notes***. Yet, I’ve noticed that using external note apps like OneNote can sometimes encounter lag when dealing with large volumes of information.

Here’s a clear explanation of where I position the Note Air 3 C, based on my assessment:


  • Robust note-taking and reading tools.

  • Android 12 OS for app flexibility.

  • This device offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities for convenient connectivity.


  • The price point is steep.

  • Adjust screen brightness as needed.

  • Not ideal for video playback.

While I’m generally satisfied with the device, there are some concerns about battery life that need to be addressed. When you increase the brightness to enhance visibility on the ePaper screen, which is darker than typical screens, battery life suffers significantly. This is problematic for activities like reading and annotating books, where long battery life is crucial for students or researchers.

Moreover, the pen lacking an eraser causes me inconvenience. I need to take an additional step to use an eraser instead. Although it’s not a deal breaker, the ghosting effect in ultrafast mode is noticeable and may bother some users.

When considering devices that serve dual functions as e-readers and note-takers, the Note Air 3 C is a viable option for those willing to accept the battery trade-off. This device can be particularly useful in multitasking situations. However, if your primary focus is on reading e-books or if you prioritize a product with superior battery life, then it may be more advantageous to explore alternative and potentially less costly options that cater better to these specific needs.

Weighing in all aspects, I can confirm that the Note Air 3 C is an innovative e-ink tablet. It suits a specific user who wants digital convenience for creating and consuming content on the move without significantly sacrificing the traditional reading experience offered by electronic ink.

Design and Display Quality

Boox note air 3 e ink tablet cartoons

The BOOX Note Air 3 C features a 10.3-inch color ePaper display, which sets it apart from most devices in the market. It offers an experience between traditional e-ink readers and regular tablets. Regarding design and display quality, I’ve identified some pros and cons:

Display Quality


  • The new color display provides a more vibrant viewing experience for content, particularly PDFs and textbooks with colored charts and images, compared to typical e-ink displays.

  • My experience with the flexible Android 12 OS allows me to effortlessly adjust settings for an optimal viewing experience. I utilize its capabilities to accommodate any screen limitations by making use of brightness and contrast controls.


  • Colors may seem less vibrant on some displays compared to LCD or OLED screens.

  • A notable dark area is clearly visible on the device’s left side, which could suggest an issue with the screen’s uniformity or lighting.

Build and Form Factor


  • The slim profile of the device, measuring just 0.22 inches thick, makes it portable and stylish.

  • The dark gray green device has a sleek, professional appearance and is lightweight at only 0.4 kilograms. Its construction feels robust.


  • E-ink technology provides several advantages, but a reflective screen surface diminishes its usefulness in bright outdoor conditions.

  • When purchasing a pen in a higher price range, not having a protective case or additional nibs included can be disappointing.

Personally, I find the BOOX Note Air 3 C’s design modern and suitable for students and professionals seeking a color e-ink experience. Despite its lower contrast and reflectiveness, these issues do not significantly detract from its overall quality.

With its impressive 64 GB memory storage capacity and advanced connectivity options through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, this tablet is a standout in its class. The device functions smoothly and reliably, as one would anticipate from a modern tablet, ensuring a seamless user experience.

It’s crucial to clarify that this device isn’t an ordinary tablet nor an e-reader. It’s a unique tool catering to a specific market where color ePaper technology meets e-books. Although the color screen may appear slightly darker compared to monochrome e-ink displays, it’s a worthwhile compromise for those desiring both readability and a hint of color.

In short, the Note Air 3 C offers improvements while maintaining e-ink’s advantages for its intended user. This user seeks a device that combines traditional e-ink features with color displays and Android flexibility.

Performance and Note-Taking

Boox note air 3 e ink tablet screen

The BOOX Note Air 3 C is not only an impressive addition to my technology collection but also boasts exceptional multitasking performance. This is made possible by the Split Screen feature and advanced Android 12 OS, which work together harmoniously. With this setup, I can easily use multiple apps at once without experiencing any lag or stutter. For instance, I can review a PDF on one side while jotting down notes on the other. This level of performance significantly enhances my productivity and makes the BOOX Note Air 3 C an indispensable tool in my workflow.

Let’s delve into my personal note-taking experience. I currently prefer using digital tools over traditional paper notebooks due to their convenience and advanced features. The sensation of writing notes with a provided stylus is comfortable, yet the absence of an integrated eraser tool poses a challenge for me. This interruption in my workflow, requiring me to select the eraser tool to maintain a swift note-taking pace, can be frustrating. However, the app’s responsiveness and Smart Scribe feature significantly help compensate for this inconvenience, enhancing my overall note-taking experience.

Here are my observations about using the Note Air 3 C for note-taking:

  • Fast and responsive touch: Writing feels immediate and precise, almost like pen on paper.

  • Useful features: Recognizing scribbles as shapes and text assists in organization.

  • Syncing capabilities: Uploading to the cloud is a breeze, making my notes accessible on all my devices.

With that in mind, here’s the simplified version:

  • Pen lacks eraser: Can be an inconvenience during intense note-taking sessions.

  • Exporting notes from the BOOX app is a process I find inconvenient and time-consuming. Despite the importance of being able to transfer my annotated texts to other devices or formats for future reference, the current method leaves much to be desired in terms of efficiency and user experience.

  • Lag in third-party apps: Apps like OneNote work well enough but don’t match the native app’s speed.

Despite the limitations, the Note Air 3 C excels in my workflow. With a single device, I can read, take notes, and manage documents. The e-ink display is easy on the eyes, making it beneficial for my daily routine. Although the display technology doesn’t support video or high-intensity graphics work, this trade-off suits me well for other tasks.

The Note Air 3 C is a unique gadget that caters to individuals seeking a color e-ink tablet with Android flexibility. In my experience, this device has significantly enhanced my study sessions and meetings. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that this device may not be suitable for everyone due to its frequent charging requirements. Nonetheless, the combination of its color e-ink display and Android functionality makes it an excellent choice for those who value both features.

Battery Life and Value

Boox note air 3 e ink tablet box

In evaluating the BOOX Note Air 3 C, battery life is a notable feature. It’s essential for prolonged work and reading sessions. While this device offers appealing features, its battery performance is inconsistent. Here’s what I observed:


  • The battery life is sufficient for regular activities like reading e-books and taking notes.

  • Fast charging feature ensures you don’t run out of battery when time is limited.


  • Usage of color display and Wi-Fi drains the battery significantly.

  • This monitor might not be suitable for individuals who need a device that can function independently from power outlets for extended periods.

I appreciate the Note Air 3 C for its usefulness, but its battery life falls short compared to some e-ink devices that can last weeks on a single charge. The high-performance features come at the cost of reduced battery endurance. Increasing the brightness above 60% also decreases battery life, an important consideration when evaluating this product.

One cannot help but compare the Note Air 3 C’s battery life to other e-ink readers, known for their long battery performance. Many dedicated e-readers can last weeks on a single charge. However, considering the Note Air 3 C runs on a full Android OS and offers multifunctionality, the battery drain is reasonable. This trade-off is expected with versatility.

From a practical standpoint, the device’s cost is somewhat perplexing. It’s not inexpensive, yet it doesn’t include essential items like a protective case or extra pen tips. When evaluating this product, consider if its price matches its features and how long you can use it without frequent charging.

In conclusion, the BOOX Note Air 3 C is a powerful device that enhances your reading and note-taking experience. It may not meet the battery expectations of less feature-rich e-readers, but its suite of features and full Android experience make up for it. Consider your requirements and usage habits. If color display and constant connectivity are essential, and you’re okay with carrying a charger, then this device could be a worthwhile purchase. Conversely, if battery life is your top priority, consider other options or wait for technological advancements to strike the right balance.