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My thoughts on using the Samsung SD850 32’ WQHD LED-Lit Monitor Titanium Black (2024)

My thoughts on the Samsung SD850: design, work performance, gaming, and built to last.

Paul Norvig


April 21, 2024


I recently acquired the Samsung SD850 32-inch WQHD Monitor and have thoroughly tested its features. With a display size of 32 inches and a resolution of 2560x1440, it represents an upgrade from my previous monitor. I’ve utilized this monitor for professional work, gaming, and entertainment purposes. In this overview, I will discuss its performance in these various applications.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 32 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 2560 x 1440
Brand Samsung Special Feature 1
Refresh Rate 60 Hz


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Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black settings Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black back Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black installing it Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black ports Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black side Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black in box


Initial Impressions and Design

Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black installing it

Upon receiving the Samsung SD850 32” WQHD Monitor, my initial reactions are largely favorable, with a recognition of its slight shortcomings. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Resolution and Clarity: The jump from Full HD to WQHD is evident; having that 2560x1440 resolution is a game-changer for the amount of detail visible on the screen.

  • The monitor’s Brightness at 300 cd/m2 meets my requirements, but may not be enough in very well-lit spaces.

  • The 32-inch Size provides sufficient screen space for multitasking and intricate tasks.

  • A Response Time of 5ms may not satisfy hardcore gamers, but it’s suitable for most users.

  • Mounting: VESA 100 × 100mm compatibility offers flexible mounting solutions. However, due to its size and weight, a sturdy setup is necessary.

While this monitor boasts a large screen and high resolution, it has a response time of 5ms (GTG). This may not suit those requiring fast speeds for competitive gaming. However, it’s sufficient for everyday use and casual gaming.

The aspect ratio of 16:09 and large dimensions call for ample desk space. Those with limited environments may face logistical issues. The monitor’s physical footprint is significant, making it a prominent addition to any desk setup.

In terms of brightness, the SD850’s 300 cd/m2 is adequate for most indoor environments. However, it may not be sufficient in brighter offices or when used near large windows with abundant natural light. Regarding color accuracy, this monitor does not match professional-grade monitors but is satisfactory for general and some semi-professional use.

The option for wall-mounting is beneficial as it allows flexibility in desk setup and room design. Yet, a sturdy mount is necessary due to the monitor’s large size and weight.

The pixel density of this monitor is advantageous for tasks like photo editing, as it allows for sharp and clear images without increasing the size of UI elements in the operating system. This feature is particularly beneficial when dealing with limited real estate and high levels of detail.

From a functional standpoint, the integration of multiple input cables and a USB 3.0 hub is beneficial. It reduces the necessity for extra purchases and organizes the desk by eliminating unnecessary clutter.

To conclude, the Samsung SD850 monitor provides excellent improvements with its large screen and high resolution compared to smaller, lower-resolution monitors. Its robust build also suggests longevity and durability. Although it may not excel in gaming due to slower response time, it performs well for productivity tasks and general entertainment.

Performance in Professional Use

Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black settings

In the realm of professional use, the Samsung SD850 32” WQHD Monitor holds a prominent space on my desk. As an upgrade from my previous 1080p monitor, the 2560x1440 resolution offers a substantial increase in screen real estate, which is critical for multitasking and complex tasks like video and photo editing. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

image- Sharper Image Quality: “samsung-sd850-32-wqhd-led-lit-monitor-titanium-black-3-desc-side”

  • This Comfortable Size monitor, measuring 32 inches diagonally, offers an ample display area for opening multiple windows at once without causing discomfort or cramped feeling.

  • Adjustable Base: This feature allows for pivoting, tilting, and height adjustments which enhance ergonomics by catering to individual user preferences.

That said, people who work in design or editing may notice that the SD850’s colors aren’t as richly saturated as those on high-end IPS displays. However, its color performance is sufficient for most tasks at this price point.

Connectivity is a strong point of this monitor. It offers numerous ports, making it an effective connection hub for various devices. Yet, some users, particularly those using Mac systems, have reported USB-related problems that may necessitate troubleshooting or workarounds.

The built-in USB 3.0 hub is a practical feature, minimizing clutter and keeping necessary peripherals accessible. However, its placement at the back of the monitor can be problematic; while it contributes to a neat setup, it may not be ideal for frequently plugging and unplugging devices.

The response time of this monitor is listed as 5ms (GTG). This is typical for monitors in this category. While it’s not the fastest on the market, it’s usually adequate for non-gaming applications. If a slight delay doesn’t affect your work, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

When we discuss brightness, a 300cd/m2 rating is sufficient for most offices with ample light. However, if your workspace receives significant direct sunlight, you may find the screen’s luminance insufficient.

In sum, the Samsung SD850 is a robust contender in the professional space, where the need for screen area, resolution, and connectivity takes priority. Samsung’s own product information provides the necessary technical details, but real-world usage often tells a more nuanced story. Its performance in professional environments proves to be very reliable, and despite some minor drawbacks, its pros certainly dominate. The balance of price, performance, and features makes it a sensible choice for professionals who require a dependable workhorse that won’t break the bank.

Gaming and Entertainment Experience

Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black back

When using the Samsung SD850 32” WQHD Monitor for gaming and entertainment, I’ve encountered both positive and negative aspects. Although it approaches meeting my expectations in these areas, there are also drawbacks to consider.


  • With a resolution of 2560x1440, gaming environments and movies display in great detail.

  • Monitor Size: The 32-inch monitor delivers a large viewing experience, enhancing full-screen activities.

  • The VA panel displays deep blacks and vivid colors in images, providing an excellent viewing experience.

  • Support for HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI connections is beneficial for using various devices.

  • Adjustable stands: These allow tilt, swivel, and height modifications for improved ergonomics.


  • Some gamers might prefer a monitor with a faster response time than 5ms.

  • At 60Hz, this monitor’s refresh rate may not be optimal for fast-paced competitive gaming.

  • This device doesn’t have built-in speakers. You need an external audio source for a complete entertainment setup.

  • Some people might find it too big for their desk setups.

For gaming, resolution and screen size are important factors. The WQHD resolution on this Samsung monitor makes visuals clear and engaging, showing details that might be missed on lower resolutions. However, the large monitor size can be both beneficial and uncomfortable for viewing, as it offers a vast canvas for gaming worlds but may slightly affect comfort on a standard-sized desk.

In terms of display performance, a 5 ms GTG response time is common for VA panels but may be insufficient for serious gaming as every millisecond can significantly impact performance. The 60Hz refresh rate is adequate for casual gaming and movie watching, but competitive gamers might notice a lack of smoothness and could benefit from higher refresh rates to enhance their gaming performance while playing fast-paced games.

For a complete entertainment setup, lacking built-in speakers requires extra peripherals. This can lead to an cluttered arrangement. However, once connected to an external sound system, the improved audio experience complemented the monitor’s visual capabilities effectively.

In summary, the Samsung SD850 monitor is an excellent choice for common users who prioritize high-quality WQHD images for gaming and movie watching. Its image quality and screen space make it a standout option. However, for hardcore gamers, its moderate response time and refresh rate may be disappointing. In conclusion, the Samsung SD850 offers an impressive balance of image quality and screen real estate, making it a strong contender for those who value these features most.

Build Quality and Longevity

Samsung sd850 32 qhd led monitor silver/black ports

When evaluating the build quality and longevity of the Samsung SD850 32” WQHD Monitor, several factors come to the forefront:

  • Adjustable stand with capabilities for tilt, swivel, and height adjustments.

  • This monitor offers VESA compatibility for flexible mounting options.

  • Robust construction with a professional look that fits into both home and office environments

  • Input variety, including HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and a USB hub

From my use, Samsung’s monitor is well-built and sturdy. The parts appear to be of good caliber, and its heft indicates strong construction materials. Noteworthy is the stand, which ensures stability and adaptability for easy angle and height adjustments – a feature I value during extended sessions, as no one wants an unstable screen.

One concern about large monitors is their longevity. The SD850, featuring a three-year warranty, reassures me about this issue. Samsung’s confidence in the product’s durability is evident with this extensive coverage. Other monitors may present similar specifications but lack a substantial warranty raises doubts about durability.

However, the monitor comes with a VESA mount but is relatively heavy. This isn’t an issue for stationary setups, yet if frequently repositioning the monitor or using an arm mount, the weight is a significant factor to consider. High-quality mounts capable of supporting heavier monitors can be quite expensive.

My experience with the SD850’s multiple inputs and built-in USB hub has been excellent. All inputs function perfectly, making port failure a non-issue in high-use scenarios. However, it’s essential to manage cables carefully and use the device gently to prevent potential port damage over time.

The Samsung SD850 monitor showcases not only top-notch build quality but also a solid design, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting and robust mounted setups. This exceptional monitor is designed to deliver reliable and uninterrupted performance in your workspace, ensuring optimal productivity even as technologies naturally wear and tear over time. Proper care and intended use are crucial to fully maximize the solid design and potential of this top-notch monitor.