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My use of the ViewSonic VP3481a 34’ Curved Ultrawide Monitor: a review (2024)

My thoughts on the ViewSonic VP3481a monitor: panoramic views, display quality, ergonomic design, and overall value.

Paul Norvig


January 13, 2024


I recently purchased the ViewSonic VP3481a monitor. I quite like it for its large size and features suitable for both work and relaxation. With a 34-inch widescreen and high resolution, it offers quite a wide and clear view. The curved design also makes extended desk time less strenuous on my eyes and neck.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 34 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 3440x1440 Pixels
Brand ViewSonic Special Feature Anti Glare Screen
Refresh Rate 100 Hz


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Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black unboxing Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black logo Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black ports Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black manual Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black front Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black settings


A Panoramic Viewing Experience

Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black front

When I decided to upgrade my visual setup, the ViewSonic VP3481a monitor stood out because of its impressive 34-inch WQHD+ 3440x1440 resolution and curved design, ideal for my multitasking needs. As I set it up, I appreciated the frameless design – it’s subtle and enhances the monitor’s modern aesthetic, making it a sleek addition to my desk.

Here’s a description of what stood out to me about this monitor:

  • Curved Screen: The 1800R curvature provides an immersive experience, allowing me to see my entire workspace without having to turn my head.

  • Display Specifications: This monitor offers a WQHD+ resolution of 3440x1440 pixels, providing exceptional detail for my work. Its color accuracy is impressive with a Delta E<2 value, essential for video editing tasks.

  • The monitor’s high refresh rate of 100Hz and AMD FreeSync technology work together to deliver a smooth, tear-free visual experience for both gaming and video editing. Refresh Rate and FreeSync ensure that moving images remain sharp and free from artifacts, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

In the truthful assessment, the integrated speakers underperform compared to standalone ones for intensive audio use. The color reproduction is satisfactory but doesn’t match retina displays’ fidelity, which graphic designers with a keen eye might criticize.

Another minor issue was the physical setup of the on-screen display’s buttons, which felt clunky when using the menu. However, after customizing it to my preferences, these concerns became insignificant.

The ergonomic stand’s adjustments for tilt, swivel, and height greatly improved my comfort during lengthy work sessions. This is crucial for individuals working long shifts at their desks. Additionally, the Blue Light Filter and Flicker-Free technology effectively alleviated my eye strain during prolonged use.

To my pleasure, connecting my devices was straightforward thanks to the monitor’s abundant ports including USB-C with 90W charging and Ethernet RJ45. The reduction of cables on my desk was an added bonus. However, I encountered a problem with one USB port which caused some inconvenience.

Ultimately, despite some drawbacks, the expansive screen and panoramic capability of the VP3481a monitor made working with multiple windows easy and boosted both my productivity and entertainment experiences. It is important to carefully consider your seller to avoid any issues. The VP3481a is a strong contender in the ultrawide monitor market.

Seamless Integration and Functionality

Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black unboxing

Integrating the ViewSonic VP3481a into my setup was straightforward. Notable features that facilitated its seamless integration are:

  • One-cable setup is made possible with USB Type-C port technology. This innovative feature simplifies connections by transmitting video, data, and power all through a single cable, thereby reducing cable clutter in your workspace.

  • The USB hub and Ethernet port are invaluable features in this device, offering Hub functionality that eliminates the need for additional dongles. Hub functionality refers to the ability of the device to act as a central connection point for multiple peripherals, making it an essential component for users with numerous devices to connect.

  • Ergonomic adjustments: The stand is easy to adjust for tilt, swivel, and height, making it comfortable for long sessions.

Right out of the box, I found the Ethernet RJ45 and USB-C connectivity to be particularly handy for fast data transfer and video. Being a data engineer, I don’t focus heavily on color accuracy or picture quality, but less cable clutter and the added 90W charging capability means that my workspace is cleaner and more organized, allowing me to switch between tasks more efficiently. The added desk space also means I can have multiple codebases open without feeling cramped.

The 100Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync™ technology are beneficial for my video editing work and gaming sessions. As I work remotely, having a monitor that suits both my professional needs and personal interests is essential.

However, this monitor had some drawbacks. I experienced an issue with one of the USB ports malfunctioning unexpectedly. For the price point, this was unfortunate. The speaker quality also left room for improvement. Furthermore, the soft plastic bezel scratched easily when I accidentally used my acrylic nail on it. While not a deal-breaker, these issues raised concerns about the monitor’s overall durability.

I had high expectations for the VP3481a monitor’s retina-level clarity given my MacBook Pro’s capabilities. However, unfortunately, it does not meet those expectations. While it is adequate for routine tasks such as managing spreadsheets, a graphic designer like my wife might find its clarity insufficient for professional work.

Ultimately, the ViewSonic VP3481a monitor suits my home office needs effectively. It has its disadvantages, including occasional dead ports and subpar speaker quality. Yet, its advantages, such as extensive screen space and seamless integration features, make it a worthwhile investment for my workspace. This monitor strikes a good balance between delivering a premium experience and minor issues that may not affect all users similarly.

Curved Monitor Ergonomics

Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black logo

When I first set eyes on the ViewSonic VP3481a curved monitor, I understood the buzz around ergonomic design. The curved structure always seemed a gimmick until I spent hours in front of it, feeling the reduced need to turn my head, which significantly lessens neck strain. Here’s an early summary of my ergonomic experience with this monitor:

  • Reduced Neck Strain: The subtle 1800R curvature mirrors the natural field of view, minimizing the need for head movement.

  • Adjustable Stand: This stand offers flexibility for individual comfort with features including tilt, swivel, and height adjustment.

  • Eye Protection: This monitor includes Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter to minimize eye strain during extended use.

While there are positives, there are also drawbacks. The built-in speakers, a useful extra feature, have poor sound quality. One of the monitor’s USB ports stopped functioning unexpectedly, which was disappointing given the price. Additionally, the pixel density is lower compared to my MacBook Pro’s retina display, making fine text work less effective.

Let’s discuss ergonomics in detail. The monitor stand’s adjustability is a significant advantage. Setting the screen at my eye level enhances my experience, particularly during extended study sessions for my doctorate or multitasking for work. However, I find the on-screen menu navigation less intuitive. Aligning buttons with screen options can be frustrating and has sometimes caused me to unintentionally turn off the monitor.

The curved screen offers an engaging experience. Its wide view is beneficial for running multiple applications, enhancing productivity. However, its larger footprint may be a concern if desk space is limited.

To sum up my experience with the ViewSonic VP3481a, it has been generally positive. The monitor’s ergonomic design has met my comfort expectations and alleviated neck and eye strain. However, its speaker quality and menu navigation disappoint. Despite these issues, the ergonomic features allow for a comfortable and productive workspace. Although the resolution could be crisper and USB durability is a concern, the monitor’s ergonomics make it an attractive choice for those with extended screen time.

Overall Assessment and Value

Viewsonic vp3481a 34 curved monitor black ports

Navigating monitor options can be confusing, but the ViewSonic VP3481a is a good pick for those wanting a balance between professional use and entertainment. Here’s why:

  • Clear and Detailed Images: The WQHD+ resolution and HDR10 technology deliver crisp and vibrant visuals.

  • The 34-inch ultra-wide monitor, known for its Ultra-Wide Appeal, showcases an impressive 21:9 aspect ratio, appealing to viewers with its expansive and immersive visual experience.

  • Colors exhibit Color Precision with a Delta E<2 value and 99% sRGB color accuracy, delivering professional-grade precision.

  • Smooth Performance: The 100Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync™ technology mean seamless playback and editing.

  • Practical Design: An ergonomic stand and integrated speakers add to the user-friendly experience.

The curved design provides an immersive experience, and its size is ideal for multitasking without being too bulky. I value the monitor’s multifunctional connectivity, which includes USB-Type C and HDMI ports, resulting in a clutter-free work environment. Charging devices directly from the monitor using a single cable is an efficient solution to keep things tidy.

Now, onto the less than ideal aspects. The monitor’s professional-grade color precision might not match some users’ expectations, specifically those accustomed to retina displays. Some individuals may detect a slight discrepancy in color depth and clarity, which could be problematic for graphic designers and photographers seeking utmost accuracy for their work.

As for usability features, I appreciate the inclusion of integrated stands and ports. These elements are quite common in this price range. The stand attaches effortlessly, while my old power and HDMI cables worked seamlessly with the new monitor.

Throughout my experience, the device’s consistency across ports has been trustworthy. HDCP 2.2 content protection guarantees secure streaming and gaming, enhancing security. Although ergonomics are emphasized, finding a comfortable angle may require adjustment for everyone.

Overall, the ViewSonic VP3481a is a good monitor that performs well within its price range but doesn’t compete with high-end professional models. It’s versatile, dependable, and fun to use, yet it has limitations due to its cost. Would I recommend it? Yes, for those needing an ultra-wide monitor without spending a lot. No, if you require the latest visual technology and are willing to invest more.