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Trying out the Dell P3223QE 31.5’ 4K UHD Monitor - TAA Compliant, Black/Silver (2024)

My thoughts on the Dell P3223QE 4K monitor: design, connectivity, multitasking abilities, and eco-friendliness.

Paul Norvig


April 13, 2024


I recently purchased the Dell P3223QE monitor with a 31.5-inch display. This monitor has enhanced my computing experience, improving the appearance of everything from work tasks to movie viewing. In this review, I will discuss the monitor’s design, setup process, connectivity options, multitasking capabilities, and energy conservation features.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 32 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 4K Pixels
Brand Dell Special Feature Height Adjustment, Swivel Adjustment, USB Hub, Tilt Adjustment
Refresh Rate 60 Hz


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Dell p3223qe 4k uhd monitor black/silver unboxing Dell p3223qe 4k uhd monitor black/silver on desk Dell p3223qe 4k uhd monitor black/silver spreadsheet on monitor Dell p3223qe 4k uhd monitor black/silver back


Monitor Design and Setup

Dell p3223qe 4k uhd monitor black/silver on desk

The Dell P3223QE 4K monitor impresses with its build and design striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its 31.5-inch 4K display commands attention, offering crisp visuals and an extensive workspace. The adjustability is a highlight, allowing me to tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust the height to achieve the most comfortable position for my long working hours. Here’s a quick rundown in a markdown-esque list:

  • Adjustable Features: This includes the ability to tilt, swivel, and change height.

  • Appearance: The device boasts a slim black design with a compact base.

  • Cable management: Enhanced system hides cords in the monitor riser.

However, this high-end monitor has some minor disadvantages. The refresh rate is only 60 Hz, which may not be ideal for intense gaming but works well for office work and media consumption. Additionally, the monitor’s stated response time of 5ms isn’t the fastest available, but it’s sufficient for productivity tasks and occasional gaming.

The ComfortView Plus feature is one standout design aspect of this monitor that particularly appeals to me. This thoughtful ComfortView Plus technology keeps my workspace neat and clutter-free through its built-in cable management system, a preference I value greatly. Moreover, the ComfortView Plus feature reduces blue light emissions without compromising color accuracy – an essential benefit for those of us who spend extended periods at our desks.

Another slight issue I encountered was the inconsistent performance of the Dell Display Manager software. While it aims to enhance productivity by arranging windows effortlessly, this model seems to experience compatibility problems with it. This is worth noting but doesn’t pose a major concern.

The monitor’s base boasts a stunning black finish, adding an extra layer of sophistication to its durability. This robust base effectively prevents wobbling and significantly enhances my trust in its construction. The harmonious merging of the monitor with other devices in my workspace is further accentuated by this sleek and captivating black finish.

In conclusion, the Dell P3223QE monitor is an effective tool for professional and personal use. Its sharp display and considerate design enhance productivity. Despite some areas for improvement in niche aspects like gaming refresh rates, its advantages outweigh any potential compromises in daily tasks. Overall, the benefits it offers make the decision to purchase an easy one.

Connectivity and Efficiency

Dell p3223qe 4k uhd monitor black/silver unboxing

When evaluating the Dell P3223QE 4K Monitor, connectivity is a key consideration. It offers various ports such as HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, RJ45, and 4x SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps. This allows easy connection of multiple devices. The monitor also supports advanced IT features like MAC Address pass-through, PXE Boot, and Wake-on-LAN, which are beneficial for managed environments.

  • HDMI and DisplayPort: These technologies enable connecting various devices with flexibility in usage.

  • USB-C with Power Delivery: This feature delivers up to 90W, enabling both data transfer and charging for connected devices, thereby minimizing the need for multiple cables.

  • RJ45 Ethernet port: Provides a stable wired connection for network use. It’s faster and more secure than Wi-Fi.

While this monitor is effective as a central hub for a clutter-free setup, increasing productivity, it has limitations. One drawback is the absence of Thunderbolt 3, which may be inconvenient for those requiring fast data transfer rates, particularly for creative professionals dealing with heavy data workflows.

Similarly, while USB-C offers many benefits such as high utility and convenience, relying solely on it can be problematic in case of failure. I prefer having multiple connection options for this reason. The 350 Nit brightness is clear and vibrant for most indoor situations, but may not be sufficient in very bright conditions.

The 5 ms response time is sufficient for my tasks and light gaming, but it may fall short for speed enthusiasts. However, the monitor’s connectivity offers a positive experience. A single cable setup with USB-C provides display signal, power, and peripheral connectivity, making it a significant advantage.

Furthermore, the “power sync” feature is a valuable convenience for professionals using compatible Dell laptops. This feature ensures seamless start-up synchronization with a Dell PC, increasing efficiency.

Yet, despite its additional features, the Dell P3223QE falls short in faster transfer options and a stronger competitive gaming response time. Its connectivity and efficiency are notable strengths, making it a great fit for office work and casual entertainment.

Multitasking and Software Features

Dell p3223qe 4k uhd monitor black/silver spreadsheet on monitor

As a person who handles multiple projects at once, the Dell P3223QE 4K Monitor has noticeably improved my workflow. One notable feature is the Easy Arrange function within the Dell Display Manager software. In use, it assists in organizing my desktop by aligning applications into a grid layout, which is adaptable and offers 38 pre-defined window partitions.

Here are some useful features I’ve discovered in multitasking and software:

  • Easy Arrange: Pinning multiple applications in an organized manner, which aids in reducing the time hunting for different windows.

  • Auto-Restore feature: This function maintains the placement of my applications after disconnecting and reconnecting my laptop, saving me the effort of rearranging my desktop.

  • Shortcut keys help me modify display settings swiftly, enhancing my daily work efficiency.

However, I’ve encountered an issue: The Dell software doesn’t work with all Dell monitors. For instance, it functions with my U2723QE but not the P3223QE, which is puzzling. Additionally, although I understand the purpose of the PowerNap feature to save energy, I’ve discovered it can erroneously turn on, dimming the screen while I’m reading or pondering a document.

The monitor’s 4K resolution provides clear text and detailed images essential for my work. However, its 60 Hz refresh rate may not be optimal for intense gaming or video editing.

I find a response time of 5 ms satisfactory for my tasks. It’s fast enough that there’s no noticeable delay when opening windows or switching between tabs. Faster applications may require an even quicker response time.

In sum, this monitor’s multitasking features make it an excellent choice for users like me who need a flexible workspace. Despite the software issue, the productivity gains from other features outweigh this drawback. The monitor strikes a good balance between high-resolution detail and practical productivity tools.

Sustainability and Energy Conservation

Dell p3223qe 4k uhd monitor black/silver back

In the Dell P3223QE 4K Monitor Review, I found that the sustainability and energy conservation features were particularly noteworthy. Dell has clearly made an effort to address environmental concerns in the design and functionality of this monitor.

  • The monitor is an EPEAT® Gold certified device, meeting stringent regulations and adhering to environmental guidelines set by the EPEAT® system for responsible electronics production.

  • The EnergyStar® certification held by this monitor underscores its energy efficiency, surpassing that of numerous other monitors in the market.

  • The monitor includes a PowerNap feature that saves energy by dimming or turning off when not in use.

However, one potential downside is that sustainable designs and features usually cost more. Despite finding it a worthwhile investment, the initial expense may be prohibitive for those with limited budgets.

Dell’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just manufacturing eco-friendly monitors. In fact, they take a holistic approach to reduce their full environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle. The company pledges to use sustainable materials and has recycling programs in place once products reach the end of their life. An illustrative example is Dell’s global recycling program, which aims to collect an equivalent product for every one purchased by customers, effectively closing the loop on the product lifecycle and minimizing waste.

From an energy saving perspective, PowerNap feature makes a significant difference in reducing power consumption. If you forget to turn off your monitor like me, this feature is useful. Knowing that the monitor conserves energy even when you’re away from your desk provides reassurance.

While exploring Dell’s sustainability efforts, I find it promising that they publicly share their 2030 Social Impact goals on their website, including information about a product’s carbon footprint.

In conclusion, I have had a positive experience with the Dell P3223QE 4K Monitor. I appreciate Dell’s commitment to sustainability in their product design and company policies. This monitor is an excellent choice for my workspace due to its robust sustainability credentials and energy-saving features, making it not only beneficial for me but also a positive contribution to technology and the environment.