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My review of the HP V24 Dual Monitors Bundle with Stand (75Hz) (2024)

My thoughts on using HP V24 Dual Monitors Bundle with Stand: multi-tasking, visuals, setup, connectivity.

Paul Norvig


January 14, 2024


I recently upgraded one of the desks at the office with the HP V24 24-inch monitor bundle consisting of two monitors. The additional screen has significantly improved my multitasking efficiency (particularly for spreadsheets). I no longer find myself switching between windows frequently.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 24 Inches Brand HP
Special Feature Anti Glare Screen Refresh Rate 75 Hz
Connectivity Technology HDMI


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Hp v24 dual monitor bundle  back Hp v24 dual monitor bundle front Hp v24 dual monitor bundle on desk


Effortless Productivity Multi-screen

Hp v24 dual monitor bundle on desk

When using multiple screens for improved productivity, I find a dual monitor setup invaluable, particularly with HP V24 24-inch monitors. These monitors offer excellent quality at an affordable price point, especially in this two-pack bundle.

Firstly, here’s a simplified version of the benefits I’ve observed:

  • Improved task management: Managing multiple tasks becomes easier.

  • Better organization: You can keep reference materials on one screen while working on the other.

  • Reduced clutter: Using the stand provided clears up valuable desk space.

While the monitor offers a good feature set, its 75Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time may be insufficient for hardcore gamers. However, for regular work use and less intensive gaming, these specifications suffice.

The dual monitor stand is a fantastic inclusion, offering a sturdy grip on the desk and the flexibility to adjust each screen individually. It’s really easy to set up, and the detachable VESA bracket plates make mounting a breeze. Ideally, there would be more than one HDMI port, but I’ve worked around that limitation with a simple HDMI switch.

The 24-inch screen suits my workspace well. Its size allows me to have multiple windows open without feeling cramped, while not being excessively large. The anti-glare feature is beneficial for reduced eye strain under various lighting conditions during work sessions.

Working from home, I can set up two screens identical to my office setup. The additional screen space significantly boosts productivity for tasks like data entry and complex spreadsheet work.

I encountered a problem with my laptop’s lack of HDMI ports. A converter solved this issue for me. I don’t require built-in speakers as I use external ones.

The HP V24 monitor bundle is a noteworthy choice for broadening your digital workspace. It arrives in safe packaging, ensuring the product’s secure transport, and offers easy assembly. Featuring a clear, vibrant display, this monitor is suitable for both professionals and casual users, whose diverse needs are met by its adaptable features. Easy assembly allows users to set up their new monitor quickly and conveniently.

Exceptional Visuals and Color

Hp v24 dual monitor bundle back

When I first laid eyes on the HP V24 monitors, I was captivated by their striking and vibrant colors. The vividness of the hues instantly drew me in, and the sharpness of their Full HD resolution added to their allure. This dual monitor setup offers exceptional visuals that are not only ideal for my diverse work tasks but also perfect for my occasional gaming sessions. Here’s what particularly stood out for me:


  • Clear, bold colors improve my viewing experience.

  • Full HD resolution is suitable for common tasks and casual gaming.

  • Working for long hours with a Low Blue Light setting reduces eye strain.

  • The anti-glare feature works well in bright rooms.


  • This device has a single HDMI port, which might be inconvenient for some users.

  • TN panels don’t provide the same wide viewing angles and rich color depth as IPS displays.

The 1 ms response time is an essential feature for me. Although it may not be crucial for graphic design or video editing specialists, I notice a significant improvement in my regular office work and occasional gaming sessions. In comparisons, the absence of discernible lag feels like a true convenience.

One limitation of TN panels is color distortion when viewing from off-angles. This isn’t a problem for me since my setup is stationary and I usually sit directly in front of the screen. However, for people who collaborate or share content frequently with someone sitting next to them, this might be a significant drawback to consider.

The monitors feature a 75 Hz refresh rate. This is sufficient for most tasks, although it’s not as high as the 144 Hz or more found in top-tier gaming monitors. For individuals who prioritize other specifications over extreme motion clarity, this refresh rate strikes a good balance.

Brightness at 250 nits works well in all my indoor spaces. The anti-glare screen effectively reduces reflections. In a very sunlit room, it might not be optimal but the screen handles most glare effectively for me.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Energy Star Certification is important to me. I want to minimize my carbon footprint without compromising performance.

Overall, the HP V24 monitors provide a good balance of productivity and visual quality for their price point. While there are monitors with more advanced specs, these monitors suit my work-and-play needs well. They may come with some compromises, but they meet my daily requirements for visual comfort and clarity.

Ergonomics and Setup Flexibility

Hp v24 dual monitor bundle front

When setting up my home office, ergonomics and flexibility were crucial considerations. The HP V24 24-inch TN Full HD LED Backlit LCD Monitor 2-Pack Bundle surprised me with its adaptable features and easy assembly. Here’s a quick rundown of my reflections on the setup:

  • Dual monitor stand with a heavy-duty desk clamp: This attachment securely attaches to the back of the desk, saving desk space by eliminating the need for a separate stand for each monitor.

  • Detachable VESA bracket plates: These allow monitors to be compatible with various mounting solutions, enhancing their adaptability.

  • Adjustable arms: The monitors’ adjustability allowed me to set their angles, pan, and change height according to my needs, enhancing ergonomic design.

  • Tilt and swivel features: These functionalities enable me to adjust the screen angle and minimize glare, enhancing comfort for my posture – an aspect often overlooked until felt in a properly positioned display.

Despite the benefits of using TN panels in monitors, there are a few drawbacks. One disadvantage is that these panels don’t perform as well as IPS panels when it comes to color representation and viewing angles. This could be a concern for graphic designers and individuals who prioritize color accuracy. Additionally, having only one HDMI port per monitor required me to buy an extra HDMI converter for my laptop, which was a minor hassle.

The assembly process was super easy and straightforward. I wasn’t anticipating such a swift completion, given my limited handiness. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of optional stands, making the setup process even more enjoyable. These additional choices catered to personal preferences and space considerations. With clear instructions at hand and all necessary tools provided, the experience exceeded my expectations.

The HP V24 monitors boast an anti-glare screen and low blue light mode, which are particularly beneficial for reducing eye strain during prolonged work hours. These features make a noticeable difference that you’ll appreciate once you try them.

In terms of managing space, the adjustable arms on the monitors enabled me to move them back when required, demonstrating their usefulness and design consideration.

All in, the HP V24 monitors offer valuable flexibility and ergonomics for my work routine. Compared to pricier models, they provide a solid blend of features and affordability. If you aim to upgrade your home office setup without exceeding your budget, these monitors are an excellent choice.

Connectivity and User Experience

A close-up of the monitors hdmi and vga input ports

When I thought about enhancing my workspace with two monitors, the HP V24 stood out to me. The allure of a smooth, multi-screen setup was enticing, but I understood that the monitors’ connectivity and user experience would be truly evaluated in practice.

At the heart of a multi-monitor arrangement is effortless device connection. The HP V24 monitors offer essential ports for seamless connectivity, including HDMI and VGA, ensuring flexibility for various configurations. I was particularly pleased with the HDMI connection, as it delivered high-definition images that were clear and sharp. This was beneficial since I frequently switch between documents and applications demanding top-notch visuals. The HDMI connection made it easy to switch between sources without any noticeable lag or loss of quality. Overall, the HP V24 monitors provided a reliable and convenient solution for my multi-monitor setup.

However, I encountered a common issue with my laptop having only a few HDMI ports. This problem was easily solved by using an HDMI adapter, enabling me to connect and use both screens, significantly enhancing my workflow.


  • Ample screen real estate

  • Display quality is clear and sharp through HDMI connection.

  • Easy to connect and configure


  • Limited HDMI ports on the monitor

  • For some users, an extra investment in an adapter is required.

Despite the connectivity issue, I’ve had a mostly positive experience with this monitor. Its controls are user-friendly and allow for easy adjustments. Moreover, the anti-glare screen lets me work comfortably for extended periods without eye strain. Additionally, the Energy Star certification ensures energy efficiency and helps alleviate concerns about electricity usage.

The included dual-monitor stand improved my desk’s arrangement. I mounted the monitors at the back, freeing up valuable workspace. Adjusting and tilting the screens created an ergonomic setup, enhancing my comfort throughout the day.

In conclusion, the HP V24 monitors have exceeded my productivity expectations in my home office setup. Although there were initial connectivity issues, the significant advantage of expanded screen space and seamless multitasking has proven to be indispensable to my daily workflow. If you aim to streamline your tasks and create an efficient workspace, consider incorporating these monitors into your office setup.