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My thoughts on the Corsair TXM Series 850W Power Supply (2024)

My thoughts on the Corsair TXM 850W: reliable capacitors, silent operation, modular design, and gaming performance.

Paul Norvig


January 16, 2024


I recently purchased the CORSAIR TX-M Series 850W power supply for my computer setup and have been quite pleased with its performance. I use it mainly for data engineering tasks as well as some video editing.


Property Value Property Value
Model Name txm Brand Corsair
Compatible Devices Personal Computer Output Wattage 850
Wattage 800 watts Cooling Method Air
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.3 x 5.9 x 3.4 inches Item Weight 3.9 Pounds
Power Supply Design Semi-Modular Fan Count 1


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Corsair txm 850w power supply cables Corsair txm 850w power supply in desktop Corsair txm 850w power supply box Corsair txm 850w power supply installed Corsair txm 850w power supply front


Reliability and Longevity

Corsair txm 850w power supply front

When assessing the CORSAIR TX-M Series 850W PSU, its longevity and reliability are notable features. For individuals who heavily rely on their computer for work and leisure, a dependable power supply is crucial. Quality components underpin a reliable power supply, and this model incorporates all Japanese 105°C capacitors, known for their durability. These capacitors ensure consistent power delivery even during high stress and temperatures, providing reassurance for users pushing their systems with demanding workloads or gaming sessions.

Reliability and Longevity Factors:

  • All Japanese Capacitors: This is top-tier in terms of quality and reliability. They can handle high temperatures better than most, contributing to the PSU’s longevity.

  • 7-year Warranty: Corsair’s extended warranty period suggests a strong confidence in their product’s longevity.

  • 50°C Operating Temperature: The PSU can output full power even at high ambient temperatures, which is a testament to its robust design.

  • Rifle Bearing Fan: This type of fan strikes a good balance between quiet operation and longevity. It surpasses sleeve bearings in terms of durability but is nearly as robust as ball bearings.

These features are crucial as they support a reliable power supply for long-term use. The seven-year extended warranty reflects the manufacturer’s faith in the product’s durability, providing me with assurance for my purchase. Operating at full capacity at 50°C is an impressive capability, particularly important during video rendering or simulation processes when components tend to heat up rapidly.

In the long-term, the semi-modular design brings improvements in both reliability and convenience. I only need to connect necessary cables for my system, keeping the PC case tidy and promoting airflow and less dust accumulation. Although the bundled cables can be slightly stiff during installation, it’s a small issue outweighed by benefits.

From a critical standpoint, a unit failed after five years in one instance. However, such incidents are infrequent. The general opinion from the community is largely favorable. The 850W output might be excessive for a single-GPU setup, but extra power is beneficial if I expand or upgrade components later.

Overall, after using the TX-M Series PSU extensively, I can assure you of its reliability and longevity. It’s reassuring to have a power supply that handles demanding tasks without causing concern for potential failure or instability.

Efficiency and Silence

Corsair txm 850w power supply cables

When considering a power supply unit (PSU) like the Corsair TXM 850W, efficiency and quiet operation are important factors to look for. These features offer real advantages in everyday use. Furthermore, when a PSU strikes a good balance between performance and affordability, it’s worth considering.

  • Efficiency: The 80 PLUS Gold certification means the PSU is at least 90% efficient at typical loads. This efficiency not only saves on the electricity bill but also means less heat generation — allowing for quieter operation since the fan doesn’t have to work as hard.

  • Silence: The semi-passive 140mm rifle bearing fan kicks in only when needed, maintaining a quiet environment, which is perfect for work and game streaming. This is a game-changer for anyone who appreciates a noise-free PC.

However, the TXM 850W power supply is semi-modular but not fully modular. This means some cables are permanently connected and must be managed even when not in use. While the provided cables are sufficient for most needs, they may need to be supplemented for complex setups.

The move from a lower wattage PSU to the Corsair TXM 850W has been a significant upgrade for me. While I initially thought an 850 watt might be overkill, I’ve come to appreciate the versatility and future-proofing it provides. Not to mention, that extra headroom comes in handy when dealing with power spikes or adding additional peripherals.

In retrospect, the TXM 850W power supply has proven to be a good purchase. Its energy efficiency and silent operation are features I wouldn’t want to give up in future projects. Although it costs more initially than less efficient alternatives, the cost savings from reduced energy consumption and the benefit of quieter operation make it worthwhile. If getting the most value without compromising quality is important for your build, the Corsair TXM Series aligns well with that goal.

As for reliability, Corsair is known for its reputation and long warranties. Some users have encountered issues, but my experience has been positive. This confidence in the PSU’s performance enables me to trust it for a high-performance PC.

Modularity and Installation

Corsair txm 850w power supply in desktop

The modularity of the Corsair TXM 850W PSU is a notable feature. With its semi-modular design, essential cables like those for the motherboard and CPU are permanently attached. Optional cables for peripherals or GPUs can be left unplugged, offering a balance between convenience and customization. You avoid dealing with unnecessary cables that aren’t in use.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Every system requires must-have non-modular cables without the need for consideration. These essential cables play a crucial role in ensuring proper functionality and connectivity within the system.

  • Modular cables offer several advantages. They allow for a tidy build and enhance airflow, preventing dust accumulation and overheating concerns.

  • A semi-modular PSU like the TXM 850W can be cheaper than a fully modular one, which is excellent for budget-conscious builders.

I aimed for a neater-looking interior in my setup by using only the essential cables. This approach resulted in an organized and tidy case, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and ease of maintenance. However, I encountered slight rigidity during cable installation.

The installation process was effortless. The connectors were clearly-marked, ensuring correct placements and preventing potential errors. The power supply came fully equipped with all required components, eliminating the need for any additional purchases. With clearly-marked connectors, powering devices such as SSDs and peripherals from a single power supply simplified cable management significantly.

On the downside of a semi-modular power supply design, I’m stuck with permanent cables that cannot be removed if they’re not needed. This could be an issue for someone who prefers a tidy build. Additionally, if I decide to upgrade to SLI or Crossfire configurations, I might need extra cables which, with a fully modular power supply, can easily be added without worrying about space or unused cords.

The 140mm rifle bearing fan is a quieter alternative to ball bearing fans, but may not last as long as fluid dynamic bearing fans on pricier models. However, this fan has not displayed any signs of deterioration thus far.

The Corsair TXM 850W power supply’s semi-modular design offers not only flexibility in cable arrangement but also ease of installation. This feature was particularly beneficial during my computer build as I could connect only the necessary cables, reducing clutter and simplifying the setup process. Although it has minor drawbacks like cable stiffness and non-removable cables, the improvements in system cleanliness and airflow are significant. This power supply’s ease of installation added extra value to my overall experience, making it an excellent choice for my computer build. Corsair’s warranty added further confidence in my purchase decision.

Performance in Gaming

Corsair txm 850w power supply box

As a seasoned PC builder, I’ve experienced my fair share of power supply units (PSUs), and the Corsair TXM 850W has made a lasting impression on my gaming setup. Here’s what I’ve observed in terms of performance in gaming:

  • Reliable Power Supply: The power supply unit delivers 850W, which is sufficient for most high-end single-GPU setups. While gaming, I’ve observed constant frame rates without any interruptions, indicating a steady energy flow even during demanding gaming sessions.

  • Sufficient Connectors: With an ample number of PCIe connectors, I’ve had no problems connecting my EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics card. This is particularly relevant for gamers intending to upgrade or install multiple GPUs, ensuring they have sufficient connectors to accommodate their expansion needs.

  • An 850-watt power supply provides ample headroom for upgrades, ensuring seamless expansion of your system in the future. You can add more hard drives, fans, or a stronger GPU without any complications, thanks to this PSU’s generous capacity. Headroom for Upgrades: the ability of a power supply to provide additional power beyond what is currently being used, enabling easy and hassle-free component upgrades.

However, the TXM is an excellent hardware choice, but some users might find its cables stiff, leading to difficulties in routing and management, especially in compact cases. For those utilizing SLI or Crossfire setups, it’s recommended to consider a PSU with a greater wattage capacity to effectively handle such demanding configurations.

From my perspective, the semi-modular design of the TXM 850W power supply simplified installation. I utilized only the required cables, leading to a tidier appearance and improved airflow within the Zalman ATX Mid Tower Case. This is advantageous for both aesthetics and thermal efficiency during extended gaming sessions.

In summary, the Corsair TXM 850W power supply is a dependable option for avid gamers. It provides the necessary power to your system efficiently without any complications. Although it’s not fully modular, its cost-effective balance of functionality makes it an ideal selection for both enthusiasts and regular gamers alike.

Remember, a reliable power source ensures stable gaming performance. The TXM provides this reliability.