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Review: Trying out the Corsair RM750 750W Power Supply (2024)

My thoughts on the Corsair RM750: silent operation, build quality, modular cabling, and good performance.

John Norvig


January 15, 2024


I’ve used the Corsair RM750 power supply in a PC of mine for a few months now. It is quite a good power supply - silent, stable, and easy to build with. More on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Corsair Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Connector Type EPS Output Wattage 750 Watts
Form Factor ATX Wattage 750 watts
Cooling Method Air Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.09 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches
Item Weight 3230 Grams Power Supply Design Full Modular


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Corsair rm750 750w power supply cable Corsair rm750 750w power supply box of drive Corsair rm750 750w power supply installed


Silent Efficiency

Corsair rm750 750w power supply box of drive

The Corsair RM750 power supply is a crucial component in my system, allowing me to work efficiently and quietly. Its design focuses on silent and efficient operation, which are essential for my daily tasks and gaming sessions.

Here are the key takeaways I’ve noticed:

  • Quiet Operation: The RM750 fan operates silently under normal usage. It rarely turns on during my tasks that include productivity work and light gaming. Only during heavy activities like video rendering or long gaming sessions does the fan activate, but even then, it runs quietly.

  • The RM750 power supply holds a genuine 80 PLUS Gold certification. Its Energy Efficiency is evident in my reduced energy bills since use. This means it effectively converts power with minimal wasted energy.

  • Flat Cables: These low-profile cables are beneficial for case airflow and organization. At first, they appeared stiff and difficult to bend. However, after positioning them, the result was a neat and tidy look inside the case.

However, no product is perfect. I’ve encountered some issues:

  • Cable Rigidity: While the flat cables help with the airflow, their stiffness can be challenging during the installation process. It requires a fair bit of pressure to plug them into the PSU, and I was concerned about potentially damaging the connectors or exerting too much force on the motherboard.

  • Cable Connections: The connections aren’t as secure as I’d like, as they don’t click when inserted. This might make you uncertain if everything is correctly attached. If you’re new to PC building, this uncertainty can be unsettling.

In my opinion, the RM750 power supply delivers silent operation, making it an excellent choice for individuals who prioritize tranquil work environments. This advantage is especially valuable in studios or offices where noise can be a distraction. Moreover, its fully modular design simplifies cable management by enabling users to utilize only necessary components and hide the rest for an organized build.

The efficiency of the RM750 power supply doesn’t affect its performance. It has run my system smoothly without any issues, and I appreciate the trustworthiness of the Corsair brand and its warranty support.

In summary, the Corsair RM750 is an efficient and quiet power supply, suitable for both work and relaxation. It is a good option for those who value a peaceful and organized PC setup.

Quality and Reliability

Corsair rm750 750w power supply cable

When considering the Corsair RM750 Power Supply, I focus on two essential aspects: quality and reliability. Here are some observations that may help those investigating if this PSU is suitable for their setup.

  • Pro: This product boasts excellent build quality and operates quietly.

  • The RM750 is well-built with a fully modular design. It operates quietly even with my mid-tier gaming setup.

  • Con: Potential Quality Control Issues

  • Some reports indicate quality control concerns, including units that malfunction early or don’t meet expectations. While my personal use has been satisfactory, these issues are significant and cannot be disregarded.

In use, the RM750 power supply operates quietly. The fan seldom turns on during routine tasks, maintaining the silent operation promised by Zero RPM fan mode. This power supply effectively runs in the background of your daily computing, performing its duties without disturbance.

I’ve had no quality issues with this power supply. It’s dependable, without electrical noise or instability under load. The flat, black cables enhance a neat build and seem robust.

However, some issues may affect your buying choice. The cables’ rigidity posed challenges during assembly. I applied excessive pressure, worrying about potential damage to the cable or motherboard connector. Connection also demanded a decent amount of force, which could be an issue for those with manual dexterity concerns.

Reading other users’ reviews, there’s a low probability of receiving a faulty Corsair product. However, if such an issue arises, it can be disappointing during the anticipated build process. Nevertheless, Corsair’s customer service typically resolves these matters satisfactorily, though at times with additional costs for the consumer.

In summary, my experience with the RM750 power supply from Corsair has been positive due to its stability and consistent performance. Despite issues with stiff cables and potential quality control concerns, these are common among power supplies and should not outweigh the unit’s strengths. The RM750 is a dependable choice for a powerful yet quiet PC build.

Modular Design Benefits

Corsair rm750 750w power supply installed

The modular design of the Corsair RM750 Power Supply is a notable feature in my PC build. This design allows you to select specifically which cables to connect, eliminating excess clutter and enhancing airflow within the case. Here’s my experience:

  • Faster Installation: The modular setup allowed me to avoid dealing with excess wires. This streamlined the installation process.

  • Customization: I could pick and choose the cables that were necessary for my build, which was not only convenient but allowed for a more personalized cable management layout.

  • Aesthetics: The all-black, sleek cables that came with the unit contributed to a clean and professional look inside my PC case.

However, the modular design presented some difficulties. The flat cables were inflexible and hard to bend in confined spaces around the case’s corners. Applying excessive force was necessary, raising concerns about damaging the cables or connectors. Certain connectors required extra effort to securely attach to the power supply, causing apprehension over potential pin bending or damage to the unit.

While it’s important to note, the rigidity of certain cables can pose a challenge during installation. This is particularly relevant in confined spaces or complex builds where space is at a premium. A more flexible cable or connectors that snap securely into place upon insertion would make these situations easier to manage.

The benefits of modular design in constructing a computer system are considerable. Its orderly structure not only enhances the system’s appearance but also positively impacts performance by promoting better airflow and cooling. Moreover, this design principle contributes to tidiness by ensuring that only necessary cables are used, keeping the PC interior uncluttered and free from the usual mess of wires.

The modular power supply of the Corsair RM750 offers a customized build experience. It requires more effort for perfect placement but results in an uncluttered, efficient, and streamlined system with a clean appearance. This design aligns with my preference for a tailor-made setup. The benefits of a modular power supply enhance the build process and final appearance of my computer configuration by minimizing cables and promoting neatness.

Performance and Compatibility

Computer with open side panel showcasing the corsair rm750 psu alongside various high-end pc components

In my quest to create a dependable and potent PC setup, I examined the Corsair RM750 Power Supply. Its performance and compatibility with my components were essential factors in my decision-making process. Here’s what impressed me:

  • The RM750 power supply boasts Compatibility with Current and Legacy Systems by supporting ATX12V v2.31 and EPS 2.92 standards, making it suitable for numerous motherboards. Its backward compatibility with previous ATX12V specifications further broadens its applicability to various builds.

  • Energy Efficiency: The RM750 power supply holds an 80PLUS Gold certification, indicating over 92% energy efficiency under normal loads. This efficiency benefits the environment and reduces electricity expenses in the long run.

  • Protection: The RM750 ensures safety with protection against over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, and short circuits. I feel reassured knowing my components are secure.

There were some drawbacks, however. The stiff and flat cables, while sleek, can be tricky to manipulate in tight spaces within the case, often requiring more force than I’m comfortable applying to PC components. The connections can also resist when plugging into the PSU, which could be unsettling for users who are less confident in applying force.

Despite these minor issues, I was impressed by the RM750’s performance under heavy loads. The fan is seldom audible, indicating its silent efficiency, which was a crucial factor in my choice to include it in both my workstation and recording space. Moreover, the power output remained stable, preventing any throttling or instability while I tested my system with demanding tasks like gaming and video rendering.

Moreover, the active PFC with a power factor of up to 0.99 improves the power supply’s efficiency and reliability, which is evident in the smooth operation of my PC. The universal AC input also made it easy to set up without fussing about voltage adjustments.

To summarize, the Corsair RM750 power supply offers a good blend of features including performance, compatibility, energy efficiency, and safety. Although there are issues with cable flexibility and connections, these concerns take a back seat due to the power supply’s overall effectiveness and dependability. The assurance provided by the 5-year warranty and Corsair’s excellent customer service enhances my trust in the RM750 as a key element of my computer setup.