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Good power supply: the Corsair CX750M 750W (2024)

My thoughts on using the Corsair CX750M 750W power supply: efficiency, build, performance, and modularity.

Paul Norvig


January 7, 2024


I recently upgraded my desktop’s power supply to the Corsair CX750M. This 750W unit is 80 PLUS Bronze certified, ensuring energy efficiency and a stable power supply for my PC. I was attracted to this power supply due to its balanced price and performance. Its semi-modular design also offers a clean build and improved the airflow in my build. Below is my experience with it - it can take on heavy loads quite well, including gaming and (video) content creation.


Property Value Property Value
Model Name cx series, cx750m Brand Corsair
Compatible Devices Personal Computer Connector Type SATA
Output Wattage 750 Watts Form Factor ATX12V
Wattage 750 watts Cooling Method Water
Power Supply Design Semi-Modular Current Rating 12 Amps


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Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu interior Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu boxed Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu building Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu full view Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu box Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu back


Understanding 80 Bronze Certification

Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu box

When selecting a power supply for my PC, energy efficiency is a priority. The Corsair CX750M has 80 PLUS Bronze certification, ensuring 82% efficiency at 20% load, 85% at 50%, and 82% at full load. This guarantees a good balance of power and efficiency. The certification provides peace of mind regarding electricity usage, which benefits both my energy bills and environmental impact.

Here’s a clear explanation of the cost and efficiency aspects:


  • Certified units use more energy than necessary, resulting in higher costs. Energy-efficient certified units save money on utility bills.

    • Decreases heat production for longer component duration.
  • A good power supply can handle various loads effectively.


  • Certified units cost more than non-certified ones.

  • “Bronze” power supplies have lower efficiency compared to other options in the 80 PLUS certification spectrum. More efficient PSUs are available, but they come with a higher price tag.

In my use, the Corsair CX750M strikes a balance. It’s less costly than Gold or Platinum-rated power supplies but superior to non-certified ones. The 750W output capacity allows room for future enhancements. This PSU runs my computer effectively without lagging during demanding tasks, such as gaming and creative workflows.

I faced a small hiccup with the delivery service, which wasn’t up to par, but it didn’t affect my opinion of the PSU itself. In terms of longevity, it’s too early to make a definitive judgment, but so far, it’s been working perfectly for the past few days.

Some users may believe that a 2017 model might be outdated, but I find its performance still excellent for my requirements. I had worries about the cooling system, as water cooling is effective but complex to install. However, the CX750M’s semi-modular design simplified the process more than expected.

Overall, the CX750M’s 80 PLUS Bronze certification provides assurance for my decision, ensuring both reliability and affordability. While it doesn’t offer the highest efficiency, the energy savings over time make it a worthwhile investment for my system.

Craftsmanship and Compatibility

Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu interior

Crafting a solid PC build requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to picking a reliable power supply. The Corsair CX750M has become a go-to for its craftsmanship and compatibility, essential for ensuring longevity and stability in a system. My experience reflects the consensus that this PSU is well-crafted, with features like its sleeved cables and semi-modular design adding to its appeal.

Here’s a summary of my findings:


  • Using top-notch parts guarantees product longevity.

  • Energy saving: The power supply used is 80 PLUS Bronze certified for efficiency.

  • 750 watts is sufficient for mid-to-high computer builds

  • Modular cabling streamlines construction process and cable management.

  • Quiet operation is beneficial for setups that are sensitive to noise.

  • Compatible with a wide range of PCs


  • Shipping and handling can present challenges occasionally.

  • From the 2017 series, this is worth considering for modern computer builds.

This PSU is compatible with most systems due to its ATX form factor and various connectors like SATA. It’s comforting that even though the PSU has an unassuming appearance, it features top-notch components and careful construction, reflective of Corsair’s esteemed reputation for quality.

While performance is important, easy installation is also a significant advantage. With its semi-modular design, you eliminate excess cable clutter, making PC assembly less complicated. Moreover, this component being SATA-compatible simplifies the process of linking storage devices and peripherals.

Even after using it for several days, the product functions flawlessly with no issues reported. Its quiet operation is a significant advantage. While long-term reliability cannot be determined immediately, early indications suggest a durable item. The power supply efficiently manages my RTX 4060 graphics card, validating its specified 750 watts and 12 amps current rating.

Although the product met my expectations, I must mention a delivery issue. Promises about shipping carriers were not kept. However, this does not affect the CX750M’s performance.

Compatibility isn’t an issue. My system recognized the power supply immediately. Its professional look blends well with my existing setup. This is the 2017 version, but that’s not a concern unless you prioritize being on the latest technology.

In a market teeming with options, the Corsair CX750M emerges as a valuable contender, striking a balance between price, performance, and reliability—qualities you want when powering your personal computer.

Performance Under Pressure

Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu boxed

When building a PC, power supplies are an essential component. The Corsair CX750M is my preferred choice due to its reliability under various stress tests and daily demands. With 750 Watts of output, it exceeds my requirements for gaming and content creation.

Here’s my quick list of observations:


  • Ample power output for most setups

  • The Semi-Modular design reduces cable clutter.

  • This device supports various SATA connectors.

  • The CX series has a timeless design that suits any setup.

  • Consistent with Corsair’s reputation, the product delivers reliable performance.


  • The cooling method is adequate but not optimal for intense overclocking.

  • Issues encountered with the carrier in delivering the product. Unrelated to the product itself.

I’m someone who prefers an organized case interior. The semi-modular design of the CX750M meets my needs by allowing me to use only the necessary cables. I also like the professional appearance of the sleeved cables, which fits well with my setup’s look.

Having a power supply with a 12 Amp current rating ensures consistent power delivery. I prioritize long-term durability for assessing its value. Its compatibility with various personal computers and ATX12V form factor broadens its appeal.

There was initial apprehension due to its 2017 model status, but the CX750M has been operating flawlessly with minimal noise. Although not the latest model, the principle of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here. The CX750M strikes a great balance between cost and performance.

However, the delivery process was disappointing despite my request for a specific carrier. I received the package via standard mail instead, leading to complications during retrieval. Nevertheless, once set up, the device has been functioning well, powering an RTX 4060 without issue.

The CX series adheres to Corsair’s commitment to quality and dependability, and the CX750M is no different. Ideal for gaming and intricate water-cooling setups, it performs reliably. After several days of use, it has proven that top-notch products aren’t always expensive.

Semi-Modular Design Benefits

Corsair cx750m 750w semi modular psu building

The semi-modular design of the Corsair CX750M is beneficial for builders who prioritize a tidy setup and optimal airflow. With the ability to use only necessary cables, clutter is minimized and improved case airflow ensures effective temperature management.

Let’s break down the benefits:

  • Easier Cable Management: With fewer cables permanently attached to the power supply, I found it simpler to route cables and manage the layout inside my case.

  • Modular cables offer Better Aesthetics inside the computer case, making them particularly advantageous for individuals with transparent chassis.

  • Improved Airflow: Less cable clutter translates to better air circulation, which can help keep component temperatures down.

  • Flexibility: I can use specific cables or extensions that align with my build’s color scheme.

However, the semi-modular power supply approach has some disadvantages. Firstly, the main motherboard power cables are fixed, which could cause issues if they’re not long enough or too long for particular setups. Additionally, although it is semi-modular, the cost factor comes into play. Fully modular power supplies tend to be more expensive. However, I found the CX750M worth the investment due to its balance of features and price.

The installation of the CX750M was a breeze. I smoothly connected the necessary cables before effortlessly securing it in the case, making the procedure even more uncomplicated. Initially, I had harbored apprehensions regarding the sleeved cables, fearing they might not be flexible enough for manipulation. However, my concerns were quickly put to rest as they demonstrated sufficient flexibility and ease in handling during the process.

The RTX 4060 runs smoothly without any performance issues for me. The CX750M power supply operates quietly, which I appreciate since a loud build can be unpleasant. This power supply functions silently under heavy load.

The delivery experienced a setback due to a carrier mix-up, but the product’s reliable performance overshadowed the inconvenience. While its long-term dependability remains uncertain, it has been functioning smoothly and exceeds expectations in terms of initial quality, aligning well with Corsair’s reputation for producing reliable power supplies.

Concluding with my personal experience, the CX series, specifically the CX750M, has been a dependable power supply for my daily requirements. I appreciate its semi-modular design that simplifies installation and keeps my system looking tidy. Moreover, its quiet operation doesn’t disturb my work or gaming. For those in search of a new power supply, I recommend considering this model due to its affordability and Corsair’s established reputation for quality.