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Powering a new pc build in the office: the Corsair RM850x 850W PSU (2024)

My thoughts on the Corsair RM850x: efficiency, modularity, performance, and compatibility.

Paul Norvig


January 13, 2024


I recently upgraded some of the PC offices with a Corsair RM850x power supply. A dependable and energy-efficient power supply is essential for some of the operations (e.g. non stop data processing). In this post, I will get into the features of the RM850x, including its efficiency (great), modular design, overall performance, and compatibility.


Property Value Property Value
Model Name RM850X Brand Corsair
Compatible Devices Personal Computer Connector Type ATX
Output Wattage 850 Watts Form Factor ATX
Wattage 850 watts Cooling Method Air
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.3 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches Item Weight 1.7 Kilograms


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Corsair rm850x 850w power supply box Corsair rm850x 850w power supply cables Corsair rm850x 850w power supply front


Power Supply Efficiency

Corsair rm850x 850w power supply front

The selection of an efficient power supply is vital when building a high-performance PC, and the 80 PLUS Gold certified Corsair RM850x excels in this regard. With its 80 PLUS Gold certification, this power supply guarantees an efficiency level surpassing 90% at standard loads. This feature translates into substantial energy savings and diminished operating expenses, making it particularly beneficial for extended usage scenarios.

Here’s a straightforward comparison of efficiency advantages and disadvantages:


  • Using less electricity saves money.

  • A lower heat output results in a cooler system environment.

  • Quiet operation results from reduced strain on cooling components.

  • Reducing power wastage brings environmental advantages.


  • More expensive upfront for less efficient power supplies.

  • For users with minimal power requirements, the efficiency improvement may go unnoticed.

From my perspective, high efficiency brings significant advantages during prolonged gaming sessions or heavy workloads. The reduced heat production results in quieter operation and extends the lifespan of computer components, which is crucial for power users.

However, the RM850x’s excellent efficiency may not significantly impact users with minimal power needs. For individuals who predominantly use their computers for light tasks such as web browsing, electricity consumption distinction between an 80 PLUS Gold and less efficient unit could be insignificant.

Despite that, reducing energy waste has a notable impact on the environment. Being conscious of power consumption supports global conservation efforts. Using an efficient PSU like the RM850x makes me contribute positively in this area.

Additionally, the device’s ability to function effectively under various voltage levels due to its 100-240V compatibility makes it a suitable choice for international use. This feature is particularly valuable for frequent travelers.

I’ve also noticed that the operation becomes quiet under low to medium loads due to its efficiency-focused design, which reduces fan usage. This is beneficial for my workspace, where minimal distractions are preferred by me.

Overall, while it may cost more initially, purchasing a high-efficiency power supply like the Corsair RM850x offers long-term advantages. These benefits include improved performance, lower lifetime costs, and a smaller environmental footprint. Therefore, this investment is an attractive option for environmentally conscious PC builders.

Modularity for Clean Builds

Corsair rm850x 850w power supply box

The Corsair RM850x prioritizes modularity in modern PC builds, making it a desirable feature for me. As someone who values a clean, organized workspace within my rig, the option to use only required cables is beneficial. Here’s why:


    • Improves case interior for enhanced air circulation.
  • Simplifies the build process by allowing you to connect only essential cables.

  • This improvement makes the construction visually appealing and orderly.

  • Upgrading or replacing components is more convenient due to minimal wiring complications.


  • Shorter cables can create issues in larger cases.

    • Managing cables can be difficult for some despite the modular design.

From my perspective, reducing cable clutter is essential. Adequate airflow leads to improved cooling, which results in better component performance and potentially longer lifespan. In my opinion, the RM850x power supply offers an ideal number of ports for me, and its fully modular design allows me to use only the necessary cables, eliminating the need to stuff unused ones into my case.

However, the cable lengths are less than ideal for me. In larger cases or those with unconventional layouts, you may need to extend cables beyond their limits.

The process of connecting the cables is straightforward, but if you’re a novice builder, you might underestimate the importance of proper cable management. Without careful planning, even a modular PSU can’t prevent poor airflow caused by haphazardly routed cables. I suggest taking the time to think about the best routes for your cables before you start connecting them.

From a personal perspective, the RM850x offers strong power and efficiency. Its modular design is its most appealing feature to me. A clean build provides peace of mind, enhancing both visual appeal through case windows and ease of future maintenance. Regardless of your role as a gamer, creative professional or organizer, the Corsair RM850x utilizes modularity to improve PC functionality and appearance.

Performance and Reliability

Corsair rm850x 850w power supply cables

In my search for a power supply that delivers both dependability and excellent performance, I’ve found the Corsair RM850x to be an exceptional choice. This reliable PSU has been an essential component of my setup for several reasons:

  • Versatile Voltage Input: This device is adaptable, able to handle any input voltage between 100-240V.

  • 135mm Magnetic Levitation Fan: Not only is it quiet, but the fan’s durability gives me peace of mind.

  • All Japanese 105°C Capacitors: These components represent a strong commitment to reliability from the manufacturer.

  • 80 PLUS Gold Certification: This certification indicates the power supply unit’s efficiency. I’ve observed that it results in less heat generation in practice.

  • Modular Design: An advantage for managing cables effectively by connecting only essential ones.

However, the product comes with some limitations. The supplied cables are of good quality but relatively short. This can cause issues when longer lengths are required for effective cable organization. Furthermore, the SHIFT design is novel yet not universally compatible. I had to adapt my case’s layout to ensure a hassle-free installation, which might not be easy for all users.

From my perspective, the Corsair RM850x meets my expectations. I’ve subjected it to demanding tasks as the primary power source for my gaming setup, and it has performed exceptionally well. The power delivery is very stable, safeguarding my investment in expensive components. During gaming sessions, the fan noise is barely noticeable, an impressive achievement for those seeking a quiet workspace.

The EPS12V Connector is a crucial feature for upgrading graphics cards in the future. Its compatibility with contemporary, Modern Standby Compatible GPUs, is of great importance. This modern standard enables reduced power consumption while maintaining quick wake times, significantly enhancing user experience and convenience.

I cannot overlook the impressive build quality of Corsair’s RM850X Model Name:. This specific RM850X model boasts a robust design that instills trust in me due to its extensive warranty. However, it’s vital to clarify potential confusion regarding model names: while they share some similarities, the RM850X and RM750x are distinct products. To ensure a clear understanding of each model, it is indispensable to meticulously examine their specifications prior to making a purchase.

For the Corsair RM850x, my experience has been mostly positive. It’s a dependable power supply that runs cool and powers up my PC effectively. Make sure it fits properly in your case for an enhanced and trustworthy power supply experience.

Compatibility and Installation

Power supply next to various types of power connectors highlighting compatibility

When installing the Corsair RM850x power supply, I’ve found the process to be generally uncomplicated. Here are some key points:

  • The RM850x power supply, featuring Multiple Voltage Compatibility within the range of 100-240 Volts, is an excellent option for diverse electrical environments due to its flexibility. This Multiple Voltage Compatibility significantly broadens its applicability for various regions.

  • EPS12V Connector: This connector ensures compatibility with modern motherboards and graphics cards, beneficial for any computer build.

  • Modular Design: Connect only necessary cables for a tidy setup.

However, while the ability to use multiple voltages is an advantage, it’s essential to remember that changing voltages isn’t automatic. Properly configuring your power settings is necessary to prevent any issues from occurring.

The fully modular design offers a neat build, but the cable stiffness and length may present challenges in certain situations. While I value the absence of excess cables, I noted that the cables were somewhat shorter than those in previous power supplies I’ve used. In larger cases or when the motherboard tray is situated farther from the PSU, this might necessitate purchasing extensions, which involves additional expense and inconvenience.

Another aspect to mention is the EPS12V connector. This feature caters to current requirements by ensuring compatibility with advanced components. If you don’t need this for a conventional setup, it won’t have a significant impact.

Speaking from experience, installing the RM850x in my system was relatively painless. It slotted into the PSU bay without issue, and the modular design kept the interior of my case neat. The 135mm Magnetic Levitation Fan never made its presence known audibly, which was a pleasant surprise given how some PSU fans can sound like a small jet engine under load.

In conclusion, the Corsair RM850x’s design is well-suited for modern builds, demonstrated by its compatibility and ease of installation. Its extensive features cater to various needs, including multi-voltage capability and a range of connectors for different motherboards and GPUs. Some issues with cable management due to length and stiffness exist but are manageable. Overall, this PSU performs reliably and elegantly, making it a strong recommendation from Corsair.